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Brain, the superpower waiting to be discovered


The Veruvis rebranding project has earned a prestigious accolade at the 2024 REBRAND 100® Global Awards, the most respected global recognition program for effective brand transformations.

The REBRAND 100® Global Awards is the first and foremost competition dedicated to excellence in rebranding and brand repositioning, celebrating 20 years of awarding remarkable projects from over 63 countries.
Here are the context and process behind Veruvis's rebranding.

Business challenge

Given the complexity of this field of activity and the novelty of the "neural training" program developed by Dr. Psih. Dămășaru and his team of researchers for a yet uninformed Romanian public, creating a strong image that would attract notoriety and the target audiences’ interest was an essential step in the evolution of the business that was still at the beginning of the road. Moreover, it became necessary to articulate a clear and relevant brand discourse that would place the Center in a dominant position locally and prepare it for future expansion beyond the country's borders. These were the premises from which we started in the rebranding project of the Neuro Performance Enhancement Center.

Strategic approach

Through rigorous documentation, we set out, first of all, to understand this vast field of applied neuroscience and the category to which the Neuro Performance Enhancement Center belongs at the national and international level, as well as the factors that can favor or slow down its development. Then we went through a stage of business discovery from the perspective of the founder and his team, in order to find the elements that will set the basis of the strategic brand narrative, which will further serve as a source of inspiration for its new identity and communication.

Branding solution

Brand narrative

Following the brand fundamentals exploration session with Neuro Performance Enhancement Center’s management, we were able to decipher the scientific language, intimidating at first glance, used to describe what the Center is and what it offers. We thus learned that behind the phrase "neural performance augmentation" is actually hidden the desire to make possible and visible the change that restores balance and brings harmony to people's lives, when the challenges they face day by day keep them confined, limiting their ability to reach their full potential. In support of this purpose, the Neuro Performance Enhancement Center comes with the latest neurotherapy technologies and procedures and an empathetic, dedicated team with multi-disciplinary skills, helping those who cross its threshold discover the extraordinary power of their brains. Starting from these key messages we formulated the brand story and extracted its essence, suggestively expressed in the tagline Brain is your superpower.

Brand name

In a category where descriptive names predominate or they have the specific “neuro” particle in their composition, as is the case with Neuro Performance Enhancement Center as well, we wanted the new verbal identity to differentiate the brand. The starting point in creating the new name was the brand strategy, so that it becomes its extension and reflects the idea around which the brand narrative is built. That is why the central theme used in the naming process was that of transformation, of evolution. At the same time, we had to take into account the eligibility criteria established by the Center's management, namely: the possibility to register the name as trademark on the European Union territory in the NISA classes related to the field of activity, the availability of the .com web domain, and the avoidance of any similarity with other names in category.

The name Veruvis is an invented word that resulted from the combination of the two plans that make possible the transformative experience promised by the brand, namely that of science and continuous learning necessary in the process, by associating with the term "erudite" originating from Latin (erudire = to instruct), and that of the human support offered throughout its journey, through the allusion to the word "cherubim" originating from the Slavic language (heruvim = guardian angel).

Visual identity concept

Identity aims to find the necessary balance between the subconscious inner world and the physical environment in which we live, learn and evolve as humans. The contrast between mental clarity and troubled states represents the main idea behind ​​the Veruvis symbol.

Visual identity

The symbol, created by combining the two basic geometric shapes, represents the profound impact neural training can have on the brain and Veruvis’ clients. From the diffused and deconcentrated state it goes into a clear one, suggesting the perfect balance where the brain is optimized and can reach its maximum potential. The symbol thus becomes a trigger, an activator of the ability to concentrate and perform.

Creative platform

The new visual identity allowed the development of a unique graphic style that combines realistic elements with abstract ones, so that brand messages can be highlighted in an accessible and relevant way for its audiences, as can be seen in the communication materials we developed.

Social media communication

With the launch of the new brand in June this year, we took over the social media communication component, to help the Veruvis team operationalize the strategic framework and identity developed in the rebranding process, by creating specific content for each channel used - Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook.


Our impact

Our involvement in the project consisted of: 

\ Defining the elements that represent the basis of the strategic brand narrative and its formulation
\ Extracting the essence around which the brand is developed and translating it into a concise form in the slogan
\ Creating the new brand name that reflects its strategy and differentiates it in the reference category
\ Creating the visual identity
\ Development of the creative platform and communication materials to support the brand launch
\ Development and management of social media communication


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