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The Good Farmer's Store

For the tireless

The Good Farmer's Store

The Good Farmer's Store brand is a new brand in the agribusiness category that started from the desire of a Romanian entrepreneur to create a physical retail concept fully dedicated to farmers and their needs.

The Good Farmer's Store offers products, parts, and services for agriculturists and farmers so that they have all the machinery and tools at hand, quickly and always in good operating condition so that they can carry out their work unhindered and at the planned pace.

Business challenge

In a fairly fragmented category made up of big players, but also local stores, the initiators of the Good Farmer’s Store project wanted to ensure that, through the new retail concept, they meet as many of the target's requirements as possible, starting from proximity and product diversity, up to the price policy and services offered.

Having experience in a similar category in terms of product type, the entrepreneur wanted to bring the existing business know-how to the agricultural category as well, inviting us to connect the new brand to the specifics of the category and type of consumer.


Strategic approach

In the beginning of the strategy building phase, we set out, first of all, to learn more about the category and the target audience - agriculturists and farmers. At the same time, we wanted to understand what key benefits and particularities the customers of the new brand are looking for, identifying among them elements such as proximity, diversity, adaptation to their specific needs, the concept of convenience, as well as a familiar communication language. Once these coordinates were defined, they laid the foundation of the Good Farmer Store brand positioning and informed its new identity.

Branding solution

Brand essence

We envisioned the Good Farmer's Store brand as that trusted place for any agriculturist or farmer, a place where everybody speaks their language and one that can provide them with all the machinery and tools they need to successfully carry out their everyday work. Starting from the entrepreneur's business vision, we wanted to put at the core of the new brand the empathy for the farmers who dedicate their lives to the land and work continuously, people for whom Good Farmer's Store aims to make their lives easier. This is how the brand was created - For the tireless.

Visual identity

The proposed symbol combines natural and technical elements used as a source of inspiration. Straight, sharp angles are combined with friendly curves, resulting in a robust symbol that conveys confidence, strength, and security. The orange color is related to machinery, being a classic choice for agricultural machine accessories.

We have chosen natural photographs that capture the life of farmers from their point of view. We thus arrived at a refined color scheme, with natural shades, inspired by the first light of the morning and that of the sunset

Communication & Signage

The next stage in the branding process was the development of the concepts for communication materials, starting from the generated visual identity, mainly those useful in promotional and informative activities regarding the new store (indoor communication posters, business card templates, shop staff uniform, car branding, etc.)

At the same time, we developed the concept for the external signage of the store, very important in this category, as well as the outdoor street banners, to inform customers about the new store and its location.

Our impact

Our involvement in the project was realized through:
\ Identification of the consumer profile and the central need in relation to the category
\ Defining the idea around which the brand develops
\ Development of visual identity and useful materials in the communication effort
\ Development of store signage materials

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