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Capital 33

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Capital 33

In today's dynamic business landscape, where the need for rapid growth and development is a constant, Capital 33 redefines the concept of a strong and sustainable financial partnership, facilitating access to corporate finance through a fast, smooth and transparent process.

With extensive expertise in business finance and by integrating data analytics and real-time insights, the Capital 33 brand stands as a force for change in a conservative and restrictive category, with a mission to remove financial barriers to business growth for companies around the world.

Branding Solution

Based on the business vision and the digital, dynamic and inclusive nature of the brand, we shaped the brand identity through abstract and minimalist graphic elements designed to convey both the financial strength and the modern and innovative approach of the brand. The colours chosen - shades of blue, purple and silver - add a touch of sophistication and professionalism, highlighting both the seriousness and confidence as well as the digital and futuristic values of the brand.

The central element of the logo, the number 33, graphically arranged as "to the power of 33", becomes a symbol of exponential power, signifying not only the name of the brand, but also its essence - a partnership with the potential to grow at full power.

Overall, the Capital 33 branding process was not just an aesthetic exercise, but an investment in building a solid and authentic reputation in the financial world. Through attention to detail, clear expression of values and the creation of a coherent identity, Capital 33 has been able to carve out a distinct place for itself in the corporate finance landscape, defining itself as a secure, confident and innovative force.

“I was looking for a change that I really identified with. I appreciated the involvement and expertise of the Brandfusion team, which translated into concrete iterations and solutions, and the fact that each one was carefully researched and documented. This whole process helped considerably in clarifying what we wanted in terms of brand and aesthetic.”

Mihai Murgu - Capital 33 Founder

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