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Agricola - Bravito!

Balanced nutrition for big and little heroes

Agricola - Bravito!

The Agricola group of companies dates back to 1957, being currently the second largest manufacturer in the poultry meat industry and the market leader in the dried salami category.

Its entire portfolio uses the Agricola umbrella brand and it includes products with great popularity among consumers, such as Puiul Fericit (Happy Chicken), Ouăle Ochioase or Inimoase (Eye-Catchy or Hearty Eggs), Sibiu salami. At the same time, the company wants to launch a new food brand dedicated to mothers and children, to attract a new consumer profile and thus strengthen its position in the market.


Business challenge

Since Agricola already has in its portfolio a product in the eggs category, called Ou Supererou (Superhero Egg), which addresses the segment targeted by the launch of the new range, the company has taken into account the extension of this sub-brand across all the other assortments that it would comprise. In this context, we were challenged to propose an approach in terms of brand positioning and identity of the new range, to address the need for differentiation, but also the risk of cannibalization in relation to the Agricola umbrella brand, in order to achieve the business objectives.

Strategic approach

The first step of rethinking the Ou Supererou (Superhero Egg) brand was to distill the information provided by the client regarding Agricola's target consumer and his perception of the brand, as revealed by the studies previously conducted by the company. This added up to insights revealed by the secondary research we carried out regarding the reference market, the categories in which the Agricola brand is present, the competitors at a general level, but also those who have in their portfolio products addressing the target audience of the new range.

This way we identified the main challenges in the construction of the new Ou Supererou (Superhero Egg) brand from different perspectives - brand architecture, positioning, name and visual identity -, but also those related to the integration of the currently used cartoon characters into the packaging design, since Agricola had a license agreement with Universal for its animation movies. We then considered the different scenarios through which these challenges can be overcome, while analyzing the opportunities and threats that each of them implies, and our recommendation was to develop a new brand, independent of the Agricola umbrella brand, with its own positioning and identity adapted to its target.


Branding solution

Brand positioning

Targeting a complex audience consisting of both mothers, as decision-makers for the family nutrition, and children between the ages of 3 and 12, who influence the choices, we wanted to understand what the expectations of each part are and how they perceive the existing options in the market. From the previously mentioned studies, it emerged that mothers favor the nutritional balance obtained through a diversified consumption, which respects healthy habits but also the preferences of the little ones for certain tastes and products dedicated to them. From here we extracted the new brand promise to be the balanced nutrition that gives everyone the power to enjoy childhood, expressed in the slogan For the big and little brave ones.

Brand name

In creating the new name, we started from the brand idea trying to combine the two key attributes that underlie it - the benefits of nutritional balance and the childhood universe. The name BRAVITO! fulfilled all the established selection criteria, being eligible for trademark registration at OSIM (the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks), having a pleasant, accessible, easy-to-memorize spelling, and suggesting that it is a brand dedicated to children. It supports the brand positioning by using the particle "brav", meaning strong, brave, as a basic characteristic of the heroes of childhood stories, but also as a natural consequence of a suitable diet. At the same time, the similarity to the exclamation "Bravo!", frequently used by mothers in praise of children, helps to create positive associations for both audiences.

Visual identity

The vibrant brand name inspired us to design a distinctive logo with 100% custom typefaces reminiscent of superhero emblems. Moreover, we added to the logo several key visual elements such as: bold fonts with natural energy, contrasting colors and illustrated graphics.

Packaging design

We set out to create an animated landscape that connects the childhood universe with the product features. Thus, the layout is divided into two distinct, contrastingly colored areas, which helps the interaction between BRAVITO!’s brand identity and that of the Shrek animation movie. The minimalist illustrations, inspired by the comic books universe, dynamically communicate important product information.

The packaging design creation and product labels implementation of the whole BRAVITO! portfolio was a laborious stage, given the specific requirements and complex approval process imposed by the partnership with Universal and the use of characters from the famous Shrek animation movie.

DreamWorks Shrek © DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Consumer validation

After developing the new BRAVITO! brand identity, the Agricola company conducted a concept test with participants from the various targeted consumer segments - mothers and children aged between 3-12 years. The new brand enjoyed unanimous appreciation, thus validating the proposed direction, which set the stage for a successful launch.

Our impact

Our involvement in the project consisted of: 

\ Establishing the strategic direction for the new brand development
\ Defining the brand positioning aimed at ensuring relevance to the target audience
\ Formulating the idea underlying the construction of the brand and its tagline
\ Creating the new brand name - BRAVITO! - which reflects the brand idea
\ Developing the visual identity as an expression of the brand positioning
\ Packaging design capable of differentiating the brand on the shelf and attracting the target consumers

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