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Natural entry into the world of cosmetics


Online or offline commerce is a business of the always "on guard" senses. You need to feel the moment when a category has left the introduction phase and is heading towards the growth area.  

So, after 15 years of developing a strong online and offline commerce business, the founders of Adams Vision felt it was time to consider creating a new brand in the natural cosmetics category.

Business challenge

One of the great qualities of online commerce is that it provides us with a huge world of products and brands.

To cope with this world, with its wide range of options, we thought and created the Zanna brand, the packaging design for a wide range of products and subcategories, the positioning message and its story. And so, we managed to connect the business, through the brand, with its consumers.

Strategic approach

We started this project ready to approach it from a design thinking perspective, meaning that we focused our attention around the consumer of Zanna products. We asked ourselves the strategic question: "How could the Zanna brand break anonymity and create a competitive advantage that would support its growth in such a crowded market?"

We identified the possibilities of the brand to answer this strategic question taking into account the geographical territory it addresses, the consumer typologies, the sales channels, the product portfolio, etc.


Zanna's user profile

As it is well known in business, if you do not create something with the consumer in mind, you will not be able to generate the desired impact.

Thus, with the help of insights provided by the Adams team about the profiles of potential consumers in the category, the analysis we did on the lifestyle and the specific needs of each profile and the interviews with users of products in this category, we took the first step in the project, namely, the choice and the decision on the consumer profile to whom Zanna will be dedicated.

Brand idea

The insights found in the discussions and analysis of Zanna's consumer profile revealed a person with a natural, simple, clean lifestyle, someone who feels good about themselves, uses natural products, without controversial ingredients. Thus, the brand idea was born, synthesizing the connection between it and its consumer: "Nature for naturalness".

The slogan

If brands were people, in the opening of any conversation, instead of "Hello!", they would make a promise in the form of a slogan. In Zanna’s case, the greeting would be: ”It suits you naturally”.

The slogan thus reveals the brand idea, describing the profile of the consumer with a natural, simple, authentic attitude, to whom the Zanna natural products are intended.

The Brand Story

Connecting the Zanna consumer description, the idea behind the brand and the promise of value it makes to its target audience, we formulated the story that will further inspire communication and give meaning to the development of the business.

Packaging design

We have created an elegant and current master packaging, which combines botanical illustrations made in a modern style, with a clear hierarchy of information. The emphasis is on the interaction between typography elements and natural illustrations. Using a simple coloring rule for each product based on the main natural ingredient, the packaging design of the Zanna brand forms a distinct and easy-to-develop family.

"I can say that Brandfusion has managed to turn our vision of the Zanna brand into reality, a vision we couldn't imagine or express clearly otherwise. It helped that we were involved in the process, that the Brandfusion team knew how to extract from us and put together all the relevant information related to business, market, consumer. I especially appreciated the rigorous and comprehensive way they analyzed the international natural cosmetics category, building a "map" on which we could see the opportunities for brand positioning, but also what each of them involves in terms of packaging design, as well as in terms of product portfolio, and communication. We are delighted with the new Zanna brand, and the first results after its launch are really encouraging!"

Zsuzsanna Benedek - Co-founder of Adams Vision

Our impact

Our involvement in the project materialized through:

\ Identifying the consumer profile and the central need in relation to the category

\ Defining the idea around which the brand develops

\ Formulation of the brand promise, in the form of a slogan

\ Brand story description

\ Packaging design

\ Creating the design implementation manual

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