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Meaningful Connections Between People And Brands

Wave Division

Wave Division is a marketing agency with over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing BTL (Below the Line) projects for international and local brands in various industries - FMCG, HORECA, retail, telecommunications and others.  

Changes in the social and business context caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have caused brand promotion actions in physical consumer touchpoints to be significantly reduced, or even canceled in many cases, for an indefinite period, leaving the so-called BTL agencies without their bread and butter.

Business challenge

In order to mitigate the negative effects on the business, Wave Division is going through a process of reconfiguring the service portfolio and, at the same time, the development trajectory. Thus, in the initial discussion with the management team of the agency, we identified together the need to clarify the vision and strategy, being the opportune moment to reposition the brand in the category.

Strategic approach

We conducted a workshop with the extended team of the agency to understand the implications of the changes in the activity on people, but especially to discover the vision, mission and principles around which they rally and on which the new business will be rebuilt. Starting from here, we formulated the brand story and developed the new visual identity, to support the company's future communication efforts in a current, relevant way.

Branding solution

Brand essence

The most interesting thing was to find that, behind Wave Division, there are people for whom empathy is a common value and it makes them truly different in their work, in a category where, most of the time, the numbers and KPIs are the basis of any interaction. From here we extracted the brand essence, which reflects its promise to make possible empathy-driven, authentic connections between brands and people, articulated in the "Meaningful connections tagline".


We formulated the Wave brand narrative starting from the fundamental elements that underlie its strategy, in order to define the framework in which future business initiatives and actions will be developed. We also defined the tone of voice and key messages that will be used in communication.

Clarifying the structure of the service portfolio was the next step we took to help the Wave team in the process of operationalizing the new business vision. In addition, we defined the categories of services to exemplify how the new positioning will influence the brand discourse.

Visual identity

Wave’s identity uses the brand name as a starting point. Being very descriptive, it creates as soon as we read it a very personal and subjective vision of what we should actually see, so we tried to break this association and guide the interpretation from the common “wave” (body of water), to a more symbolic one, that of the flag under which the Wave community can gather.

The logo is a dynamic one, which supports flexibility and ease in adapting to new conditions. It is built of bold, strong letters, which give the impression of a unitary, well-cohesive community.

Visual elements

Beyond the basics of a visual identity (colors, fonts, images), Wave has a series of components at its disposal that can be combined to easily create layouts with personality. Through organic shapes, easily drawn with the free hand or imperfectly cut photos, we wanted to bring to the brand that human touch that is needed in an empathic connection.

Communication plan

An important part of the process of activating the new Wave positioning was the development of the communication plan for the next months. We organized a working session with the Wave team in which we defined the types of messages, channels and actions through which we can initiate and fuel the conversation with its target audience during the various stages of the customer journey.

Credentials presentation

One of the essential tools in communicating with the business audiences is the agency's Credentials presentation. Therefore, we've developed its structure and content to convey convincingly what Wave is and what arguments support its promise of value to its customers. The design of the presentation came to complete the brand message and to highlight the new visual identity.

Wave’s rebrand was a very interesting project that needed brand strategy rethinking in the BTL industry which is constantly expanding its territory of action. That is why differentiation in such a fluid industry is extremely challenging. We are glad that we have brought clarity to the Wave brand and that we have reconnected its story with the long-term vision of the business.”

Mona Ursu, CEO Brandfusion

Our impact

Our involvement in the project materialized through:

\ Clarifying the Wave brand vision and strategy to support its market repositioning

\ Defining the brand idea and articulating it in the brand tagline

\ Formulating the strategic brand narrative

\ Rethinking the agency's service portfolio

\ Developing a fresh, bold visual identity

\ Creating the new Wave website design

\ Developing the new Agency Credentials presentation

\ Defining the design system to be used in communication

\ Co-creating the Wave communication plan

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