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How Can Packaging Design Bring The Brand Back Into Customer Focus?

Business Challenge

Two years from the market launch under new name and packaging, the Minus 22 product brand fails to deliver the desired business results. The lack of performance on the shelf is proven quantitatively, at a sales level but also qualitatively, following focus group discussions with customers.

In this context, Minus 22 needed a new strategic approach for the product brand, to stop the losses and open up a new growth path. Our challenging questions were: “How can we revitalise the product brand and avoid losing current customers?” and “How can the product brand become relevant to its customers?”


Results :


We searched for the strategic answers for Minus 22 starting from the certainty that brands with shelf attractiveness are built around customers and their expectations. We analysed the relevance of the current brand name and packaging design, its competitive differentiating potential and its openness to product portfolio extensions. Our conclusion was definite: a total rebranding was needed to develop a product brand that would meet and exceed customer expectations.


Freshness Maintained Through Freezing

New technology allows for frozen products to maintain their natural ingredients taste and nutritional properties intact, since they’re being frozen immediately after fishing / harvesting. Hence the brand idea, The peak of well-maintained freshness, which speaks of capturing the moment of the ingredients’ / products’ maximum freshness and preserving it intact. The company’s dedication in selecting its suppliers (to minimise time between fishing and product preparation) is the way the company ensures customers’ access to fresh products, which have their quality preserved.

The Name Carries The Brand Story That Attracts The Customer

The name of the brand, Minus 22, referred to frozen products preservation temperature, its meaning only evident to specialists. Once the brand idea was identified, we created a new brand name, which could better communicate with the target audience. Vivelis

Vivelis conveys freshness and vitality, its meaning is easily understood by customers and allows for the brand to expand into multiple categories (fish, ready-made products, vegetables, fruit, etc.).

Strategic Packaging Design Opens Up New Future Growth Avenues

The new master packaging design was conceived so as to emphasize brand characteristics (freshness, honesty, etc.) but also to meet customer visual expectations. The whole identity system (symbol, colours, pattern, imagery) allows for the brand to expand into various product categories without endangering its visual consistency. More details about our packaging design approach here (please insert hyperlink).


Patterns inspired from ingredients origin ensure product category differentiation and uniqueness on the shelf.


The communicatin platform contains a set of design and copywriting rules to help the Vivelis brand communicate coherently and strategically to every target audience.

Master packaging implementation guide, applicable to any product category.

With the support of the Brandfusion team, we have seen our category evolve, we have seen our customers’ tastes and expectations evolve, what they desire from the “frozen products” category and what matters to them when they choose a product. Starting from an in-depth analysis, the Brandfusion team created a new brand for us, competitively differentiated, with an attractive packaging which will certainly revitalize the Minus 22 product portfolio and, at the same time, belong firmly to our company’s values, our high quality and responsibility promise to consumers.

Gabriel Bota, Director General, Minus 22


Project Results:

\ A relevant, differentiating brand idea

\ A convincing name, reflecting an idea

\ Category-specific brand identity and packaging design, capable of ensuring shelf visibility

\ Master packaging design allowing for brand extensions in various subcategories (vegetables, ready meals, etc.)

\ A creative communication platform for unity and consistency



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