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Villino Verde

Your place to reconnect with nature and loved ones

Villino Verde

Villino Verde is a new restaurant brand on the local market, started from the desire to create a concept of space for relaxation and joie de vivre, inspired by nature and the joviality specific to the Latin people.

Strongly influenced by Mediterranean culture, Villino Verde is designed as a space that emanates energy and perfectly combines the elegant but welcoming interior with elements inspired by nature, having an outdoor space that transports you to a typical garden atmosphere from Italy

Business challenge

In a crowded category that is more than often incoherent in terms of image, communication, or aesthetics, the initiators of the Villino Verde project wanted to ensure that through the new restaurant concept they met as many of their own requirements as possible, as well as those of the brand target, starting from the experience of the space designed with the help of a team of architects and going as far as the quality and diversity of the products offered, in an attempt to transpose customers into the amazing Italian gastronomy.

Having experience in a similar category in the food area (pastry & confectionery), the entrepreneur wanted to bring the existing business know-how to the restaurant category as well, calling on Brandfusion to connect the new brand to the specifics of the category and type of consumer.


Strategic approach

At the beginning of the strategy-building phase, we set out, first of all, to learn more about the specifics of the restaurant, starting from the meaning of the name - that relaxing place, withdrawn from the urban agglomeration, where you reconnect with nature and spend unique moments with your family and friends. At the same time, we wanted to understand what key benefits the customers of the new brand are looking for, identifying elements such as the experience given by the physical space created or the authentic food they taste with their loved ones, elements that translate into unique memories. Once these coordinates were defined, they provided the foundation of the Villino Verde brand and were the basis of the source of inspiration for its new identity.

Branding solution

Brand essence

We envisioned the Villino Verde brand to be that place of reconnection, both through the prism of proximity and integration of the natural environment, as well as through the creation of a welcoming place to spend time with family or friends. Starting from these coordinates, we set ourselves up for the new brand to have as its core the generation of always unique experiences, whether they are transposed through the gastronomy offered, through the background music, the carefully thought out environment, or through a simple conversation with someone dear in front of a glass of good wine.

Visual identity

In exploring the visual universe of the identity, we searched for a central symbol to encompass the essence of the Villino Verde concept - energy, positivity, good mood, and connection with loved ones. Thus, we opted for a geometric representation of a sun built in a style with art deco influences, complementary to the restaurant's ambiance. The logo highlights the harmony between elegance and nature through the simplicity of the symbol's lines and the organic curves of the wordmark. The symbol is dynamic, the number of rays may vary depending on the application and the size of the symbol.

Geometric elements, lines, or full shapes, bring a boost of elegance and sophistication to the identity of Villino Verde. Simple golden lines can create complex motifs that convey wealth, joy, and an energetic lifestyle while the simple geometry of the shapes counterbalance and balance the luxurious look and make it more accessible. Textures represent an important component in the visual identity, adding a natural, organic, human touch.

Communication & Signage

The next stage in the branding process was the development of the graphic concept and communication materials, starting from the generated visual identity, and materials that complete the customer experience with what the Villino Verde spirit means - from the menu, business cards, and flyers to the personalization of the staff's attire, glasses or tableware or other details inside.

At the same time, we developed the concept for the restaurant's exterior and interior signage, which is very important in this category, as well as the packaging related to takeaway or delivery orders, which have been growing strongly in the last 2 years amid the pandemic.

Impact pe termen lung

Our involvement in the project consisted of: 

\ Identification of the consumer profile and the central need in relation to the category
\ Defining the idea around which the brand develops
\ Development of graphic identity and communication materials
\ Development of restaurant signage materials


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