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United Parts

Revitalizing an industrial distribution business

United Parts

L’Intesa Promotive is apparently just another scenario of a business that was initiated due to the opportunity offered by a recently freed Romanian market almost three decades ago, in which the Italian entrepreneur Claudio Vaccari proved to be the right man, in the right place, at the right time.  

In reality, however, it is the story of a man who started from scratch, with the vision, the courage and the determination to build a solid company, in an adoptive country, aiming to become a major player in the production and distribution of consumables and spare parts for heavy-duty vehicles and equipments used in agriculture, construction and industry, both in Romania and in Europe.


Business challenge

After a long period of growth, marked by important achievements that led to its consolidation, the business is facing a stagnation in the last years caused, on the one hand, by the market evolution and fierce competition, but especially by the "monotony" that has settled in the organization, as its founder remarked. In this context, Claudio Vaccari came to us willing to bring the company's brand up to date, as he was also planning to change its name into United Parts, and to trigger that forgotten dynamic, that explosion of enthusiasm capable of propelling the business further.

Strategic approach

Starting from the entrepreneur's need to revive and rally the organization around a common development aspiration, we wanted to discover the coordinates that guide its people in their activity, and that will put the business back on the upward trajectory - the vision, the mission, the principles of their actions, the factors that differentiate the company from the competition and the promise of value to its customers. Once these coordinates are defined, they provide the foundation for the United Parts corporate brand and the source of inspiration for its new identity.

Branding solution

Brand essence

In the workshop we organized with the United Parts management team, we had the opportunity to meet the people who joined the founder Claudio Vaccari and believed in his business vision, contributing to the development so far. We understood that what supported and encouraged them in their efforts over time was trust. Trust in one's own strength and in the people around them, trust given and gained in the relations with the employees, the customers, the collaborators. It is the engine of United Parts and what unites all its stakeholders in a team whose common goal is to continuously evolve and achieve maximum performance together. From here we extracted the brand essence, which also reflects its promise of value, articulated in the new slogan United for performance.

Visual identity

To convey the idea of ​​evolution and interconnection through the visual identity, we created a simple and distinctive geometric symbol. This suggests that the unity of the 3 stakeholders can only be achieved through the participation of the parties. The purely geometric construction through which this symbol resulted expresses the idea of​​ each circle’s contribution to creating a larger whole. The company's aspiration is also captured by the vertical arrangement of the symbol and the orange color. Combined with a determined, industrial font, with considerable weight and width, it results in a technical identity, suitable for the category in which the brand operates.


Creative platform

The values, as they were identified and formulated while building the brand foundation, are those that guide the behavior of the people in the United Parts team and, at the same time, those that underlie the personality exposed by the brand in its communication with external audiences. Thus, the tone of voice together with the visual identity create a unique form of expression, which helps the brand tell its story in an authentic, relevant and coherent way, through all the communication materials.

Website design

The first step in designing the United Parts website was to define user needs and establish technical criteria. We looked for the optimal way to integrate the online catalog, which users can access intuitively, with a multi-functional search field. The division of the portfolio both by specialized industries and by product categories led to the creation of many personalized situations to present the searched results and different ways of displaying the products in the catalog.

All filtering options have been carefully crafted and sorted to provide the best user experience. Contact or order modules and forms have also been optimized to simplify the process. We also created custom icons, inspired by the new identity, using colors and graphics derived from the brand's visual language

Our impact

Our involvement in the project materialized through:

\ Defining the fundamentals and story of the United Parts brand meant to revive the spirit of the organization
\ Extracting the essence of the brand and articulating it in the new slogan
\ Creating a visual identity that evokes the brand's credo and promise of value
\ Exemplification of the brand's creative platform
\ Design for the new United Parts website


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