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The Installations Academy

Talent opens new perspectives

The Installations Academy

Academia de Instalații (The Installations Academy) is the soul project of Georgiana Soca, an engineer with an impressive CV in the field of electrical installations for construction, in which she has worked for the last 15 years as an employee, consultant and entrepreneur.

Confident in the value that her professional experience and personal example can bring in an industry that is facing a lack of qualified human resources and, implicitly, of options in terms of training or specialization, Georgiana has chosen to dedicate herself entirely to this unique initiative in Romania, in order to contribute to the competence and performance enhancement in her field of activity.


Business challenge

The idea to found the Installation Academy came from an acute need to find people with the necessary skills for bidding, contracting and procurement in installation projects, a need felt by Georgiana Soca as a manager and employer within her own company and confirmed by the growing number of job vacancies for positions related to these specific activities. Since there is no other training program to meet this need, the Installations Academy has thus taken on this pioneering mission and its legislative, financial, business challenges, counting on our help to bring it to life and make it known. 

Our approach

The Installations Academy’s foundation relies essentially on one person, with her way of thinking and doing things, with her whole baggage of knowledge, experiences, examples, both from professional and personal standpoints. Therefore, we set out, first of all, to discover who this person is, with what motivation and aspirations she starts this new path, and what principles guide her in her work. At the same time, we wanted to find out whom and how the Installations Academy aims to help, what are the needs or shortcomings that it could remove, or the expectations it could meet. Thus, we wanted to transform Georgiana Soca's ideas into a strategic framework that will guide the construction of the Academia de Instalații brand, in order to establish its positioning and develop its visual identity to support the future manifestations. 

Branding solution

Brand platform

From our discussions with Georgiana Soca and the explorations we’ve made together in the discovery workshop, we were able to build the pillars of the brand platform - audience profile, mission, vision, values, the promise it makes to its customers -, defining also the elements that will help the brand tell its story in an authentic way, namely the archetype, the personality, the tone of voice and the visual style.

Brand idea

What has been deeply imprinted on our minds after meeting the person and professional Georgiana Soca was her belief that talent is something anyone can have, through hard work and perseverance, regardless of the field of activity or profession. She is the very proof of this belief and the Installations Academy is, in fact, the way she wants to encourage others to discover and nurture their talent, to feel the satisfaction of work done with passion, to develop continuously. Therefore, Value the talent is the advice given by the Installations Academy to all those who want to develop in the field of construction installations, concisely and suggestively expressing the brand idea.

Visual identity

To harmoniously complement the brand idea, the visual identity encourages future students to nurture their talent through creativity and the emotions it arouses.

Thus, the Academia de Instalații logo refers to a creative “spark”, to that moment of inspiration in which an idea is born, to the joy, satisfaction and enthusiasm to go further and become better. This spark can be interpreted both as an element that connects with the field of activity of the brand - the light bulb, a symbol for the transformation and evolution of the world - and at the human level, representing transformation and professional evolution.

The visual language uses elements inspired by electrical plans: strong colors, easy-to-read fonts and a system of thin lines drawn between compositional elements, which creates a dynamic visual hierarchy and layouts that are full of energy and optimism.


Brand communication

Starting from the brand narrative and key messages formulated in the strategy definition stage, we used the personality traits, tone of voice and visual identity to create a kit of marketing collateral adapted to the different communication channels that the Installations Academy will use to address its audiences, from the presentation brochure to digital banners, social media and the web page.

“Before the brand, I had an idea and a desire, but they were unpackaged, unclothed. Branding helped me validate the idea and add value to the Academy. With the creation of the brand, the vision and mission of the Installations Academy resulted, without which I could not have laid the foundations of this business.
Slowly, the Installation Academy is becoming a Brand itself, and among the achievements of its first year I could mention: 11 course sessions delivered, of which the last 2 sessions were sold-out (and we want as many as possible!) and 3 more trainers who joined our team.
The Installation Academy has also become an ANC (National Authority for Qualifications) authorized professional training provider.”

Georgiana Soca - Founder of the Installations Academy

Long Term Impact

Our involvement in the project consisted of: 

\ Defining the brand platform that underlies its positioning
\ Formulating the story and idea around which the brand develops
\ Articulating the brand tagline
\ Creating the visual identity
\ Developing the creative platform and communication materials to support the brand launch


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