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Având o experiența profesională vastă în procesarea plăților online, fondatorul Symphopay provoacă statu-quoul retailului brick-and-mortar înființând un startup ambițios și vizionar.

Astfel, ia naștere soluția middleware de procesare a plăților cu cardul efectuate la comerciant ce își propune să transforme terminalul POS într-un nou canal de interacțiune la punctul de vânzare. Conștientizând potențialul de business, evoluție și scalabilitate la nivel internațional, Symphopay dorește să-și pregătească intrarea pe piețele externe.


Courageous positioning and coherent identity

To support the aspiration that created the Symphopay solution and to drive its ascension, we put in place a comprehensive process to define the brand strategy, to articulate the brand promise of value and to align the brand identity with its vision. 

Provocarea de business

În acest context, în urma discuțiilor cu echipa Symphopay si a documentării noastre privind mediul său de business, am constatat dificultatea de a transmite mesaje de brand unitare și consecvente către cele două tipuri de audiențe - comercianți și bănci -, acestea având nevoi, așteptări și o înțelegere diferite cu privire la noua soluție fintech.

Cum poate un business nou să comunice clar, coerent și relevant, adresându-se unor audiențe diferite? 

The DNA of a brand with a bold vision

During our workshop with the Symphopay team and the interviews with its customers, we found the answers to the essential questions of any business: WHY it exists (brand purpose), HOW it follows its vision (values, personality, benefits, differentiators), WHAT tools it needs to support the purpose (functional attributes). This way, we revealed the bold brand vision to create engagement with every single interaction and thus open up new ways for the world to interconnect through technology.

The tagline “from payment to engagement” encourages the change of perspective

The brand positioning and its promise of value are translated into a brief, yet strong and suggestive message: “from payment to engagement”. The tagline expresses the brand vision to change the perspective on card payments in an offline environment. In this way, payment is no longer the final intent, but only an outcome of the interaction between the retailer, its customers and its bank. Creating engagement becomes the interaction’s scope.

The new identity emphasizes on expanding the horizon towards interconnection

The graphic elements in the new logo suggest the transition from a limited, confined area, specific to traditional retail and the banking system, to a broad horizon, open to new opportunities to interconnect, placing the brand in a dynamic, actual, digital environment. For the wordmark we chose to use a typeface with technical finish, appropriate for the industry, but friendly, with rounded characters, at the same time, to express the idea of interaction, closeness to the customers, easiness in using the Symphopay solution.

The creative platform systemizes and maintains coherence of the brand communication

By creating templates for brochures, company profile and other presentation formats, and by defining the rules in using them, we wanted to ensure that the brand communication style is coherent and easy to maintain regardless of the audience. The visual support was completed by recommendations of tone of voice to be used in the communication, based on the brand values and considering the keywords of the industry.

The website presents the complexity of Symphopay’s technology in an accessible way

Starting from the brand visual identity, we structured the website content in a general section and a distinctive section for each customer category – merchants or banks. The graphic elements and simple, clear, relevant messages make the Symphopay website a friendly interface, accessible to everybody, making easy the navigation and interaction with the brand and its solutions.

A few months ago, we looked to our brand and we felt that must be updated to support our current business development and future ambitions. We've been fortunate to get in touch with Mona and be inspired for a bold move. The results are truly amazing, the old brand is history, long live new Symphopay! (Linkedin)

Daniel Nicolescu, CEO Symphopay


In Symhopay’s case, our strategic approach resulted in:

\ The courageous vision and positioning to drive brand’s ascension

\ The brand promise of value translated into a tagline that encourages the change of perspective

\ The new visual identity, aligned with the brand aspiration to expand the horizon towards new opportunities to interconnect

\ The creative platform to systemize communication with different brand audiences and to maintain coherence

\ The website with a simple, accessible structure, dedicated to each category of customers.  

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