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The Brand As A Reflection Of Its Industry Position


Symmetrica is a leader in the vibro-pressed paving industry in Romania.

This position has been gained by expanding nationally, with five factories in the main regions of the country, with a history of over 20 years and a dedicated team of over 400 people, and, moreover, with a unique fact in the industry: development of own production lines.

Our approach

The construction of the Symmetrica brand followed a classic route. The business focused on growth, on geographical expansion, on the increase of its production capacity and on portfolio innovation, failing to maximise the brand’s performance potential. As a consequence, the image of the business grew apart from its reality and stopped reflecting its true position within the industry and contribution to it, slowing down the growth effort as well.
Our solution to the business questions was to “restore” the Symmetrica brand so as to allow it to support the long-term business objectives as well as its continued growth and diversification.

Business challenge

Cu toată această dezvoltare intensă, compania încerca să găsească răspunsuri unor întrebări de business: De ce nu suntem percepuți ca lider, deși cifrele susțin acest lucru? De ce nu am reușit să transmitem în piață calitatea inovatoare a produselor noastre? De ce publicul nostru continuă să creadă că suntem o companie regională și nu una națională, cu capacitatea de a ne extinde în viitor și în afara granițelor țării? Cum am putea să ne extindem business-ul către segmentul de consumatori finali?

Our branding solution

At The Origin Of A Brand Lies A Truth Waiting To Be Discovered

We kick-started our discovery process with a brand team workshop. Our objective was to uncover the truth that motivated the organisation’s growth, propelled the business evolution and gave meaning to the Symmetrica relationship-guiding principles, both within the team and with the customers. We found out, working closely with the entrepreneurs and the management team, that the business had been “built to last, thoroughly”, from the very beginning. That idea had been carried on over time not only by the product quality but by the quality of human relationships as well. And that was how we extracted the profound brand truth, the brand idea, and concentrated it in a slogan: “Long-lasting connections”.

A Visual Identity Inspired By The Humanity Of The Business

The visual identity uses the symbol of infinity, charged with deep humanity, and conveys the idea of evolution and continuity. We chose a vibrant colour to unequivocally express the wish to always keep human relationships alive and relevant. We further intensified the impact by personalising the universal infinity symbol with an element that defines Symmetrica: “the fitting connections”.

Rigorous Brand Imagery To Match The Business

The visual communication system was reconceived and transformed to suit the new brand. It focuses on conveying the idea of durability, from the photographic style to the graphical language used in the communication materials (product icons, symbols, etc.). The new design rules were implemented for both internal and external communication materials. The most extensive project at this stage was the Symmetrica catalogue redesign, a powerful sales tool. Thus, we transformed visual communication into a vector to best express this rigorous, well-structured business.

Digital Integration

A brand’s need for online presence is not debatable anymore. The current challenge is the integration of all customer digital experiences (website, social media, etc.), with the clear purpose of offering them product and services information but also easy personalised access to the company’s solutions. Moreover, online interactions must enhance cooperation with customers and encourage them to take part in product development.

The Symmetrica website ( was built on the Dynamicweb platform, an integrated online presence management system. The main platform benefits for Symmetrica were: an easily switchable interface for both the B2B and the B2C portals, for easy access to various products and info; the product selection and shopping cart are followed by price forms and calls to action allowing users to make quick decisions; the integrated website traffic analysis, with visitor behaviour reports (time spent on website, favourite pages and products, most read blog posts, etc.); optimal integration with social media, offering the users a coherent online experience over multiple digital channels.

The platform has allowed the amassing of a unique customer database, compiling data from the internal management system (ERP) as well as from the website and social media. Thus, effectiveness of both customer database management and online & offline marketing activities has increased.


A solution we provided to the question of how the business can extend its presence to reach end customers was to create the website. Its construction follows this audience segment’s habit to carry out their own online research to decide on the pavement solutions that best fit their needs, inspiration being a key factor in their buying process. Here, the end customer can find inspiration for paving solutions but can also request details from the Symmetrica team. All data is integrated into the unique customer database, allowing management a complete overview of their two main customer categories: B2B and B2C.

It goes without saying that a key element in the digitisation of Symmetrica’s online presence was alignment with the new mobile requirements. The mobile-friendly versions of the websites make the Symmetrica experience more attractive than ever.


We enjoyed a smooth and fruitful cooperation with a team that found answers to all of our concerns. The recommended solutions were always detailed with maximum professionalism and were always a fit to our needs. We are truly happy to have finalised this key project to us, the results having exceeded our initial expectations by far. We will certainly extend our cooperation to future projects.

Sebastian Bobu, Executive Director, Symmetrica

Our impact

Project Results:

\ The rebranding fueled new-found energy and confidence in Symmetrica’s market leader position
\ Increased brand attractiveness to potential employees, resulting in a recruitment quality increase
\ Better company negotiation capabilities resulting from its accurately-perceived market leadership
\ An increase in perceived product and service quality
\ The creation of an effective brand communication system
\ Attracting and increasing the attention of the brand’s end-customer segment
\ Increased company/brand recognition
\ Optimised communication management through a unique customer database


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