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In Romania, the number of elderly people in need of medical care is increasing (60% of the country's population will be over 60 in 2060 according to Eurostat).

However, senior patients are affected by the inability of the public health system to provide the necessary services and the lack of private units to focus on their needs. This was the opportunity for Dr. Wargha Enayati, who set out to develop a revolutionary idea: a medical campus that would offer integrated services to patients, especially the elderly.

Our approach

It’s often said that that projects start from the spark of a vision. Dr. Enayati’s entrepreneurial project is living proof of that theory. His bold and humanistic vision has shaped more than a hospital, more than medical center or a residential center for seniors. That inspired us to interpret this project as a complete care destination for senior citizens, incorporating multiple services and facilities from different suppliers and partners.

Business challenge

How can the brand turn a business vision into something tangible, attracting investors, business partners and supporters, right from the start of the project? How can it capture the complexity of the facility portfolio, from polyclinics, to operating theaters, from a recovery and oncology hospital, to a center for the elderly? These are the questions that our team, together with the client's, looked for answers in the branding process.

Branding solution

The Place that Treats Health with Respect

The entrepreneur’s wish to provide senior citizens with professional healthcare that would bring them energy and vitality was our inspiration for the brand idea: Respect for health. We believe that, no matter our life stage, health is something we should all have access to and enjoy with the utmost dignity.

Naming A Vision

The name we created, Revera, speaks of Dr. Enayati’s entrepreneurial vision to create a place where senior citizens are treated with respect and benefit from all the support they need to enjoy a long life. The name is derived from the English ”to revere – to respect, to honour” and it has an energetic and vivid sound, as well as the potential to act as an umbrella for partnering brands.

A Symbol Of Continuity

We have designed the brand identity to convey the idea of continuity and extended wellbeing, by using a dynamic symbol, the geometry of which, although rectangular, allows a smooth continuous rotation. The symbol generates a unique visual language for both external and internal communication. The color palette combines the medical profile of the brand with the one of residential space and conveys the high quality of services provided.

Branded Environment

We have used the brand identity to generate an integrated brand experience, starting with the physical space and moving on to all the communication touch points (website, presentation brochure, etc.)

Our impact

Project Results:

\ A brand that makes an innovative idea tangible
\ A powerful name to support business aspirations
\ A unique identity ready to ensure visibility
\ A clear, differentiating and coherent brand expression
\ A brand architecture to support business growth and expansion


36 Sighișoara Street, Sector 2, Bucharest - See on map

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