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The brand accelerates business growth

PROVA is one of the first online stores of organic and eco cosmetics in Romania.

The company has gained the loyalty of its customers through a wide range of products and a high level of attention in the selection process. Noticing the potential for market expansion (according to Euromonitor 88% of Romanians believe that their diet directly influences their health), decides to enter the category of healthy food and food supplements and to open its first physical space, where to interact with the customers.


Bold business visions need strong brands to act as generators of evolution. For, the brand had not only had generic name for the category (organic), but also some confusions regarding the pronunciation, due to the last consonant. As far as the brand identity goes, there were very few brand elements to ensure differentiation. Our strategic decision was to recommend a radical change able to support their future plans.

Business challenge

Beyond the timely opportunities, entrepreneurs wanted to turn the business into a landmark of a healthy lifestyle, a style that guides themselves. To do that they, needed a brand that would help them to enter new categories and juggle the products and services offered.


The brand for those who choose to live healthy

We have started the project with an extensive target audience research. We have interviewed friends and acquaintances from different targeted groups, we have interviewed clients and we have held internal workshops. We wanted to understand who are the people that fit profile, how they see the healthy lifestyle and what unites them. We have discovered that eco and bio are not just trends, but rather a crucial part of a responsible behavior towards themselves and their loved ones.

A strong purpose to inspire the business

We have worked with the brand team to define the purpose that makes them wake-up in the morning and come to work. We have discovered a very dedicated team, that spends a lot of time to truly get to know the customers and their needs and that prefers testing the majority of the products before listing them so as to make sure of the benefits. All of these efforts because they want to be the real help people get to protect themselves from the exterior harm. Hence the brand idea: protecting wellbeing.


Once the purpose was named, we have defined four principles to guide the organization when make it tangible: transparency in everything they do, contagious enthusiasm, accuracy and nowness.

A differentiating name that supports the brand idea

We rebranded thinking of the future. For the name, our strategic approach was to visibly differentiate the name in the industry, where most competitors have descriptive names or use descriptive particles such as “bio/eco”. This way the brand show that it does not limit its activity to only one category, but rather that it answers to a need created by a new lifestyle.

A fresh identity, protective

We have created the new brand identity inspired by the idea of “genuine protection”. Prova is the brand that helps you safeguard what is most valuable - your well being. The symbol is derived from the pearl metaphor, and the typeface chosen is a friendly one with round endings to convey the talkative and attentive personality of the brand.


We have chosen a color combination to help the brand identify with the big category (eco / bio), but with a strong contrast that will differentiate the brand at every touchpoint. The solar green exults enthusiasm like the team does and the dark green speaks about the attention and care involved in the process of product selection.  

The brand for a lifestyle

Prova brings together people who choose to live healthy, who care about protecting their well being, who get informed and who share what they discover with others. Prova is the brand for an entire community, a friendly, open and energetic one. The  brand tagline, “We live true. We live organic” is dedicated to this community and also conveys the message that the brand team lives up to its standards.

Unique brand communication

How can we visually show the engagement of Prova to make sure that it offers safe and good products, to protect its customers? We have designer a personalized pattern to be used for every communication layout. The pattern conveys the selection process of each product and service offered.


We have added to the communication platform an imagery style and a specific tone of voice to be used in brand communication. We have also developed copywriting rules to be implemented to give the brand a voice.

Authentic digitally

We have wanted to ensure an authentic brand experience for the most important brand touch point - the website. We have developed a new wireframe that focuses on a new and more efficient way of presenting the products. We have created the website design to follow the brand look & feel and to ensure a memorable brand experience online. We have focused on the mobile version of the website, as 80% of the orders were done using the mobile phone and we have ensured that the experience is authentic no matter the device.



\ A clear purpose, to support the business future vision

\ Creating a community around the brand purpose

\ A differentiating name, that allows brand extensions

\ An unique brand identity

\ A visual and verbal communication style that ensures uniqueness

\ An integrated online experience

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