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A profound mission brought to life by the brand


When you meet people who want to build something truly important for others, the chance to help them bring it to life becomes a reward itself.  

This is how we could briefly describe the experience we shared with Roxana and Mădălin Margan, the founders of Oncochain, one of the most ambitious and promising tech startups in Eastern Europe in the medical field. They aim to develop a research platform to facilitate collection of real-world data and provision of value-based care in oncology.

Business challenge

Given the complexity of the connections and exchanges of information between those involved in oncology - patients, doctors, treatment clinics, research institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, authorities, etc. -, as well as the shortcomings of the whole system in managing them efficiently, the Oncochain mission is as difficult as it is significant.

Therefore, the need for clarity regarding Oncochain's vision, its "speech", the promise of value it makes to its various audiences, determined us to carry out a process of building the brand foundation.

Branding solution

Our approach in this project was based on the fast branding solution, Brandfusion Booster, defining the strategy of the Oncochain brand and its new visual identity through a “sprint” process, carried out entirely in the digital environment.

In the online discovery workshop with the two founders of Oncochain, we managed to formulate their long-term vision to allow personalized and widely accessible treatment for each cancer patient. Furthermore, the exploration of the WHY, of ​​the founders’ motivation to start this endeavor, which is often  cumbersome, led us to articulate Oncochain’s mission to innovate through technology, so that cancer has a much smaller impact on the patients’ lives.

The profoundness of Oncochain's mission is what inspires and fuels the brand idea and its promise to build a world united against cancer through viable data. Thus, we brought to life the brand story, whose "title" is suggestively expressed in the slogan "Data comes to life".


Visual identity

In our discussions with Oncochain, the most often used word was “data”. Even so, we quickly realized that this was not the keyword, but it merely represents a conductor, a bridge that links together essential parts of a complex assembly, which gravitates around a central point that fuels the whole system. In that central point we find the patient, as the initiator and also the main beneficiary of the data flowing around him. This data circuit became the blueprint of the Oncochain logo mark. For it to be ownable and relevant for the brand positioning in the market, the logo embodies other symbols as well: the ribbon that stands for fight against cancer, a minimalist representation of a DNA spiral, and a chain link as a hint to the name.

The visual identity is built on the idea behind the tagline, “Data comes to life”. Visuals are composed from different types of data representations and convey a sense of an ever-moving, ever-evolving data flow.

Impact pe termen lung

The results pursued in this Brandfusion Booster project were:

\ Defining the brand strategy, by formulating its narrative, vision, mission, promise of value, values, personality and key messages used in communication

\ Articulation of the brand tagline, inspired by its promise of value

\ Development of the new visual identity - logo, communication materials (ad / poster layout, banners, social media kit, business cards, letterhead, graphic elements)

\ Design and implementation of a presentation web page

\ Development of the new visual identity guide

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