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How Can The Brand Prepare For Geographic Expansion?


Mineralport, a supplier of aggregates, concrete, cement, operates in a category that is constantly under the pressures of the construction industry and is also indirectly impacted by projects coordinated by the administrative environment.

Over the past few years, the inconsistency of major infrastructure projects has generated numerous uncertainties for the company.

Business challenge

In this context, together with the entrepreneur, I looked for answers to the following questions. How do you ensure profitability when the business environment is unpredictable? How does it maintain its leading position in the Oltenia region? How is Mineralport growing its customer base? What is the basis for regional and national expansion?

Our approach

To help the business find the answers, we carried out in-depth interviews with the business owner, so we could understand his vision. We identified the need for a powerful brand, that could give his vision visibility outside the company.

The in-depth interviews allowed us to uncover rigour, discipline and the determined pursuit of thorough development as key values. They generated Mineralport’s fair attitude to its business partners, even in times when the competition had chosen unsustainable ways to stay on the market. Thus, the company earned its local reputation for delivering quality products as well as providing a differentiating experience, based on mutual trust and steady support.

Branding solution

The Brand Idea – A Solid Deep-Rooted Truth

Based on our perspective on the experience Mineralport provided, we generated our brand idea, “The key to any construction’s foundation”. This illustrated, on the one hand, the truth the brand had been built on, and on the other, the reality of this truth having been organically conveyed to the customers in a relevant and convincing way.

The Brand Slogan – The Expression Of The Brand Idea

What could be the most sincere and direct way of expressing the brand idea? We created the slogan “Foundation of trust” to speak about the brand’s thoroughness and reliability. This article on our website further expounds the importance of the slogan conveying the brand’s fundamental truth.

The Solid Geometric Visual Identity

Once the brand idea had been identified, its very reason for being became the main source of inspiration for the logo and visual identity development, as well as for the whole brand communication. The symbol accompanying the Mineralport name suggests, in a stylised geometrical way, a mountain of aggregates. Its construction, massiveness and proportions complete the brand message.

Brand Communication

In the implementation stage, the main challenge was the website redesign. The new interface and functionalities make the Mineralport rebranding tangible to the brand audiences.

Our work also included creating the strategic guidelines for the brand’s online communication. Our campaigns aiming to attract relevant audiences, in conjunction with ads derived from the new visual identity have generated new business for the company as a consequence of an average of 1.200 monthly visitors: 53 new offer requests in the first three months after the relaunch.

The Brandfusion team has been a real business partner to me, always prepared and eager to debate the correct action plan and the best solutions. As for the identity design, I appreciated their openness to creatively explore the pure mathematical, geometrical approach. Also, I am convinced the new website will help us in expanding our customer base.

Claudiu Postolache, Chief Executive Officer, Mineralport

Long Term Impact

Project Results:

\ A brand idea that inspires the business, gives it meaning and direction

\ Brand attributes the differentiate the company and create added value

\ A brand identity that translate the brand idea, increases business visibility and prepares the ground for new line extensions and geographical expansion

\ Brand communication materials

\ Online marketing activities that help the brand express itself clearly and coherently


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