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Human-technology integration in support of evolution


Any initiative aimed at changing the way we think and operate, in a rather conservative socio-economic system, is based on reckless spirit, passion, proactive attitude and involvement.

These are some of the characteristics that brought together Florian Simionescu, the founder of Integrisoft, and those who today form one of the important companies working in the field of developing and implementing software solutions for local public administration.


Reconnecting the brand to the business aspirations

The business development vision determined us to explore the company's ethos through a double approach: inside-out and outside-in. The approach from the inside out, which we exploited during the workshop with the Integrisoft management team, had the role of helping its members to define what is unique to the organization, what are the principles and the purpose / the WHY that guide its actions. At the same time, the outside-in approach, based on the discussions with the company's customers, made it possible to formulate the promise of value that the Integrisoft brand makes to them.

Thus, we wanted to re-establish the connection between brand and business, and to increase the team's adherence to the business aspiration of becoming one of the main actors in digital integration of the administrative and business environment in Romania.

Business challenge

Now, at the 20th anniversary of the first steps in an “expedition” with many challenges,  but also with beneficial collaborations and successes, the company feels the need to mark this milestone, to assert its commitment to a new business vision and to "team up" for its aspirations for future development.

How can the business expand its development perspective and addressability, to become an engine of digital transformation in both public administrations and private organizations?


Digital evolution is the source of energy that fuels the brand

The company's purpose to inspire people and organizations to evolve together, as it was discovered and articulated in the workshop with the Integrisoft team, is the one that sets the business trajectory and brand positioning. It is what unites the artisans of digital transformation and its beneficiaries. It is also what differentiates the Integrisoft brand and inspires its promise of value, as well as the tagline “Together for digital evolution”, going beyond the area of ​​functional benefits, otherwise very exploited in this field.

A new visual identity that upholds the brand promise

The new Integrisoft symbol expresses the brand values ​​and attributes that are visually displayed around a nucleus. This central point recalls the unity of a pixel and generates digital elements around it that have dynamics and strengthen the idea of ​​team collaboration, by using the 45-degree angle at which they are positioned. The symbol brings together all the know-how and team spirit of Integrisoft, and inspires continuous evolution, transformation and adaptation.

Along with a geometric, friendly and versatile font, the digital visual style is complemented by a grid that starts from the symbol’s nucleus, the unity of a pixel. Based on this, the grid was developed to be flexible, easy to adapt to the various needs of visual identity communication.

Creating a brand architecture to ensure consistency in its future development

By recommending a brand architecture and establishing a clear relation between its various components - corporate brand (Integrisoft), product brand (Avansis), types of product brand applications (Avansis for Taxes and Income / Patrimony / etc.) -, we wanted to create a well-defined framework for the future development of the portfolio and to ensure coherence in terms of positioning and visual identity.

Thus, the identity of the Avansis product brand uses the same type of construction with elements arranged on the grid, but in a way that suggests immediate progress and supports the various applications of the product.

The anniversary logo marks a milestone in Integrisoft’s evolution

To mark the 20th anniversary of Integrisoft, a special anniversary logo was created. It is based on the brand's new visual identity and uses the graphic elements of the symbol to create the number 20. The resulting symbol suggests the idea of ​​fireworks, festive images, being used in various applications to celebrate this important moment in the company's evolution.

Eu am apreciat la Brandfusion modul de abordare a proiectului. M-a impresionat plăcut faptul că a fost o descoperire profundă a valorilor, a ceea ce suntem și facem, am trecut printr-un proces de validare pe parcursul căruia ne-au analizat din mai multe perspective, atât din partea clienților, cât mai ales intern. În felul ăsta ne-am regăsit în rezultate, ne putem identifica în ele, nu am obținut doar o imagine. Cred că mobilizarea companiei în jurul unei misiuni comune și conștientizarea acesteia e unul dintre cei mai importanți factori motivatori. Recomand cu căldura oricărei companii realizarea unui proces de branding și fuziunea energiilor interne, exprimată printr-un brand. Dintre opțiunile avute, am perceput-o pe Mona ca având o abordare serioasă, că pune pasiune în ceea ce face și știe ce vrea să obțină, ca informație, că stăpânește și procesul în sine. Și acest sentiment inițial l-am validat pe parcursul procesului și în rezultatul final. Pasiunea face diferența.

Florian Simionescu, CEO Integrisoft


The results pursued by our strategic approach in this project were:

\ Restoring the brand-business connection, by articulating the purpose and developing the brand positioning based on it

\ Connecting the visual identity to the brand promise

\ Ensuring coherence in the future development of the brand, by creating a clear brand architecture

\ Marking an important moment in the evolution of the company, by developing an anniversary logo

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