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The brand strategy propels the business


A brand new supplement for sports nutrition, comes to change the rules of the game in a crowded and intimidating category through the complexity of the product and communication.

Through clear, cleaner and healthier recipes, the brand was created for the "regular" consumer of the Millennials generation, who is attentive to what they consume and wants to support their active lifestyle.

Our approach

The basis of our strategic solution was to understand the consumer's expectations and the business vision of the stakeholders. External analysis have helped us  discover the main player communication styles, what the types of consumers are, but also what they want from a brand of sports nutrition supplements. Talking with the customer helped us find out the promise that the new brand can sustain and the naming and packaging areas we can work on.

Business challenge

We had to think of a branding solution that would meet several needs specific to a business at the beginning of the road: "How can you enter a crowded category and dominated by strong brands?" or "What characteristics of the brand must capture the identity to attract the attention of the target?"

Branding solution

The brand is built on a specific need

We have discovered a category of Millennial consumers whose needs are less satisfied in the category. I have defined them as weighted optimists, who do not seek immediate surprises, but they maintain their active lifestyle with proper nutrition. The manufacturer's desire to develop simpler recipes, with fewer ingredients and synthetic compounds, and a healthier sweetener based on crinkle, fills the consumer's profile. At the intersection of the two brand insights, we identified a positioning area to support the consumer in training at his own pace. Once this territory is defined, the brand idea has found its natural expression in the formula, Keeps you on track.

A name created to inspire an active lifestyle

With the strategic direction defined, we took the next step in branding, the naming. The main source of inspiration for creating name suggestions was the brand idea. Imbold has a familiar resonance, an easy to read message, to stay constant in training, you only the urge. The name is easily decoded by consumers and gives the brand new visibility to the shelf. It succeeds to differentiate itself because it comes out of the force pattern, spectacular results, specific to this category.

The design that conveys the idea of focus and marks a direction in brand development

How do you make sure that your message reaches the target, from the multitude of brands, mostly well consolidated? With a master packaging design solution that manages to translate the idea into reality and supports the future development of the brand. The identity symbol starts from a balanced, targeted form that conveys the idea of following its own path in physical training. It is a courageous choice that, in addition to acting as a brand asset (through oversize), also helps to create the master packet structure. It also helps to differentiate between product categories according to the objectives defined for the target.

Understanding the consumer grounds architectural decisions

Based on a clear picture of the consumer and industry, we identified the relevant portfolio organization criterion, depending on the objective pursued. So we created the categories: Active life, Muscle growth and Health & recovery.


The brand's color has been designed to ensure individuality and, at the same time, consistency in communication. Once the architecture was defined, the association between the target and the color was natural. Turquoise - Active life, transmits optimism, a state of serenity, essential feelings for the target. Silver - Health & recovery, color that characterizes purity, energy, benefits the category promises. Black - Muscle growth, lack of any distraction from personal goals, strength and seriousness in training.


Graphic devices for differentiation

From the very beginning, the products will be available in a wide range of flavors (chocolate, vanilla, fruit, etc.). Natural flavors, chosen in the spirit of the brand, which promotes healthier recipes and better ingredients. The challenge was to highlight each flavor at the packaging level, but at the same time to offer flexibility and efficiency in implementation. Thus, we have generated a set of stickers inspired by brand graphics, but visible and full of impact when it comes to the packaging.

The courage demonstrated by the Imbold brand initiators has excited us and made us immerse in a new product universe. The challenge was greater, as we talk about the very specific consumer and custom motives and habits. You have to be rigorous in the development of supplements, you have to gain and maintain the consumer's trust. For design, the project has established a unique combination of coordinates: to be modern, sporty and to express the scientific side. The name was really helpfull, having a specific resonance that  inspired its visual expression.


Ștefan Ferencz, Head of Design, Brandfusion

Our impact


\ Developing a clear brand strategy, ready to support the product launching

\ Strong and memorable name for this category

\ Defined architecture for the further development of the product portfolio

\ Master packaging design that allows future extensions

\ Flexible, but coherent visual communication solutions

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