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When market potential goes hand in hand with passion


Over time, I have met people who feel the market opportunities, people who base their expertise on a business idea or people who make their passion the engine of growing a business such as Mihaela Zahariea, one of the founders of the Iedera business .

And what could be more beneficial to a business than the passion complemented by an agile business spirit, with a long-term vision, as is the case of the second founder of Iedera, Cristian Zahariea? This is how the Iedera business started, by combining the passion for home decor and the confidence in the potential of a growing industry, a growth encouraged both by the presence on the market of large local or international networks of specialty stores and by the development of online retail.

Our approach

The foundation of the brand begins with discovery

The question asked by the two founders inspired us in our process of discovering the industry, the consumer, the markets and the business models. We found out about the typologies and profiles of home decor consumers and their needs, about lifestyle marketing, about out-of-the-box solutions designed to give more attractiveness in the online environment. 

Business challenge

As most local businesses have adopted functional positioning messages, supported by the variety of product portfolio or market volume, the founders of Iedera come to us to find an answer to the question they considered essential for the future of their business: “How Could we build a successful business, transferring our passion for home decor to people, so that we can feel real emotions in the spaces where they live? ”


We worked with the two founders to clearly define what is the motivation (purpose) for which they invest money and passion in this business and how they manage to do things in business, without altering this motivation. We decided together which is the consumer profile for which Iedera can dedicate its full attention and we discovered valuable strategic insights.

Branding solution

The consumer is the inspiration for business

We started the construction of the brand from the consumer profile to which Iedera can make a promise of value: the woman in her age of maturity, driven by the desire to transform her living space into a place that expresses her individuality, where she can be herself, without conventions and retouching.

Iedera tells your story

Inspired both by the Iedera consumer's desire to surround themselves with their own stories, but also by the founders' vision of "inspiring the consumer to discover and express their uniqueness in the spaces where they live", we created  the brand slogan: Iedera, give voice to your story. The Iedera consumer is looking for more than an idea for interior design, furniture or decorations. They seek to tell their own story, in a space with a personal imprint.

The sense of belonging and ownership expressed in the logo

The key is the symbol that proves the space belongs to you. Each refurbishment has a symbolic key that solves its project. This is the client's design dream. Iedera is the one that holds this unique key,  that tells a personal story, of each one.


The Iedera logo was designed for a versatile identity. Multiple alignment options ensure greater ease in future deployments. For special situations, when the dimensions allow, alternative variants have been created to help build the visual communication of the brand.

Graphic elements of identity

The colors that form the Iedera palette use an elegant contrast. In identity development it is allowed to use various percentages of color intensity. The golden metallic color will be used as an accent and it is recommended to print it with Pantone or folio.

Iedera uses elegant typography as an integral part of identity. We chose a range of fonts that are elegantly composed in layouts, made by a famous letter production house, Ivy Foundry. To communicate in a unique and personal way, the Iedera logo and symbol can take many forms as brand-devices.

Inspiration to express uniqueness

The Iedera brand demonstrates the ability to penetrate the personal universe of its customers and resonate with their challenges, aspirations, and needs. Iedera does not follow trends. It looks for the authentic in furniture and decorations, that leaves a story behind and that can naturally complement the consumer's personality.

Communication materials construction

The graphic flexibility supported by this grid helps create brand visual elements. The compositional grid adapts fluidly to any format and it allows structuring the elements in an intuitive and elegant way. The grid is based on the rules of sacred geometry, golden rectangle and offers great freedom of composition of graphic elements.

Social Media

The presence on social media is essential in Iedera’s brand communication. This is where the photographic and verbal communication styles need to come together to make the Iedera brand come to life and inspire.

Online Branding

Online experience

Starting from the visual identity of the brand, we brought the originality specific to the Home Decor industry in the most important point of contact with the brand - the website. We focused on optimizing the mobile version, as over 70% of visitors navigate from the mobile phone, and we made sure that, regardless of the device used, the interaction with the brand is consistent. The structuring of information has been designed to integrate the inspiration part with the User Experience, to illustrate the defined communication style and to provide customers with a memorable online experience.

Our impact

The results pursued in the project:

\ Clarity of vision, by discovering the business motivation (purpose)

\ The promise of value relevance, by aligning it with consumer’s needs

\ Uniqueness of the visual expression, by reflecting the purpose through the brand identity

\ Visual and verbal coherence in communication, by creating and documenting communication rules

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