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Business Challenge

The Romanian market of natural handcrafted skincare products has made significant steps towards development in the last years. The absence of barriers and required standards to enter this category encouraged the local handcrafted production and led, at the same time, to a fragmented market, poorly differentiated through branding.

In this context, Crina Biro, the founder, with a professional background as chemical engineer, started manufacturing her own skincare products, firstly to provide her family with products that don’t affect skin’s natural balance. Subsequently, she wanted to offer the benefits of her products to more and more people preoccupied with maintaining a harmonious lifestyle. As a consequence, the need to create a brand that reflects her aspirations was born.

Results :



Nature shows us how to maintain a balanced lifestyle

Together with Crina, we defined the brand purpose and the principles that inspire the path to reaching it. Our research and the insights we discovered helped us reveal the qualities of Crina’s products that were created with nature’s help to maintain and protect skin’s balance.


The healthy, natural origin conveyed by the name

Inspired by the brand purpose, we created Good Origins, a brand name that talks about the essence, about how the healthy, natural, trustworthy origins of its foundation can contribute to a better lifestyle. The naturalness and honesty of the message conveyed by the name made Crina empathize with it from its first pronunciation.

Nature’s simplicity expressed in the visual identity

Good Origins means strong roots, a life born out of blending natural elements.

The letter character strengthens the idea of nature that the brand holds. We chose a “Sans Serif” typeface that was inspired by braiding tree branches, preserving the contemporary character at the same time, by using a simple geometric principle. Moreover, it was conceived as an environmentally sustainable typeface that uses characters made of a balanced relation between lettershapes and counter-forms, significantly reducing the amount of ink used in printing.

The colours we used in creating the identity are at the border between pastels and vivids, placing the brand in a natural and fresh zone at the same time. The secondary palette is used to name each of the product ranges: hydration, exfoliation and sun protection.

Online presence

Knowing that the Good Origins business is at the beginning of its journey, we recommended some ideas of content architecture and ways to introduce the new identity elements for redesigning the website, where the platform used for the initial website allowed it.


In this project, our strategic approach resulted in:

\ Business purpose discovery, inspiration for the business development

\ The naming Good Origins, that speaks about the authenticity behind the brand

\ Packaging design, that emphasizes the natural qualities of the Good Origins brand

\ Guidelines creation through website for the external communication

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