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Evia Residence

Evia Residence

Evia is a new brand in the category of real estate projects, started from the desire of a Romanian entrepreneur to facilitate people's access to modern and safe homes, which are adapted to current requirements.

From facilities such as Smart Home Ready and electric charging stations to the choice of construction materials both from the perspective of safety and thermal efficiency, Evia aims to be a project a little different from the classic real estate projects while preserving the character of affordable housing.

Business challenge

In a very dynamic category, one with a chaotic development and practices that are not always in favor of the people and the urban space, the initiators of the Evia project wanted to make sure that they were not doing "just another real estate project" like many others from the Romanian capital area and that everything will be done "right" from the start.

As the first real estate project in a series of other projects of the group to be launched in the coming years, it was important to find the right direction for the positioning and development of the brand identity in order to be starting points for both the current project and the future ones.

Strategic approach

At the start of the brand strategy stage, we aimed, first of all, to learn more about the category of real estate projects of this kind, who are the competitors in the respective area, and to whom this type of housing is addressed. At the same time, we wanted to understand how the particularities of the project and its location could influence the brand and business strategy, in order to help the Evia team with recommendations regarding all components of the marketing mix, from positioning and brand development, to promotional materials communication, in view of starting promotion and sales activities. Once these coordinates were defined, they provided the foundation of the Evia brand and the source of inspiration for its new identity.

Branding solution

Brand essence

We imagined Evia to be that special place where you find the perfect balance for you and your family. Following the research and analysis stage, we identified three key attributions for the targeted tenant, which were translated into safety, comfort, and lifestyle, to generate that perfect mix that makes you always feel at home.

Visual identity

Starting from the identified attributes, we drew the Evia symbol as the main identifier of the brand, opting for a simple and distinctive geometric symbol. It is based on a symbolic gesture made by joining the palms to suggest the shape of a roof. It is a protective gesture that creates a personal, isolated, and protected space inside - home. The Evia logo was constructed and aligned with the correction of an optical illusion created by the letter A in mind.

The visual language was developed in harmony with the brand's message, finding a subtle balance between safety, comfort, and lifestyle at the graphic level, through the construction of geometric, clean, simple layouts, combined with elegant fonts and bold colors.

Communication & Signage

The next step was the development of communication materials, starting from the new visual identity, which materialized into a complete package, useful for the Evia sales team in their promotion and information about the project (map, business card, leaflet, and posters for the showroom).

At the same time, we developed the signage materials for the project, from the temporary ones (signs and construction site banners to guide customers' visits, showroom materials) to the final ones that will be used day by day by the new Evia tenants (entrance sign totem, stair markings, floor and apartment markings, etc.).

Website development

The digital environment is a space where consumers are primarily informed about projects in the real estate category. Thus, the Evia team opted from the beginning for the development of a modern and easy-to-navigate website, which would provide all the necessary information, from the types of housing and facilities to the location and points of interest in the immediate vicinity of the project. For the creation of the website, a secure OpenSource CMS platform, Umbraco CMS, was chosen, which allowed a fast and efficient development, a simple way for the Evia team to manage and constantly update its content, and last but not least, an information platform for Evia customers. In parallel, we created, set up, and customized the brand's social media pages, to be used by the Evia team in communicating the project status and various offers.


Long-term impact

Our involvement in the project resulted in:

\ Identification of the consumer profile and the central need in relation to the category
\ Defining the idea around which the brand develops
\ Development of visual identity and materials useful in the sales effort
\ Creation of the website that functions as an information and contact platform
\ Development of signage materials

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