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Air Filtering Leader Reinvents Himself

Business Challenge

The Clean Air Filters company started writing the history of air filter production in Romania in 1982, when the first such factory was established. 33 years later, the factory in Gura Vadului, although still the only manufacturing facility in the country, is unable to take the next step in its development. That is largely due to the previous management style, disconnected from market realities and industry trends.

In 2015, the experienced Ene family of entrepreneurs acquires the company. From the very take over, they decide to leave their mark on the development of the business, on the restructuring of the company, on the strategic growth decisions as well as on the company brand.


Results :

14 %

turnover increase within one year from rebrading

x 2

profit, within one year from rebrading


international website visitors



Taking over a company brings along many changes to an organisation, in the management style and, especially, in the very vision for its long-term growth. From a brand perspective, such a takeover, bringing such deep change, is a point zero for laying the foundation of what sets the organisation in motion, of what its objectives are and of how it will achieve them.

When the two entrepreneurs invited us to present our perspective on the future of the freshly acquired brand, we recommended a total makeover. On teh one hand, the name Clean Air Filters was far from reflecting a leadership vision and position, on the other, the new vision needed to be uncovered and clearly expressed in all brand manifestations.


The Vision For Defending Air Purity

To define the pillars the new brand could be built on, we started from the fundamentals: The business qualities, the entrepreneurs’ vision of the company’s future and the clients’ perceptions and expectations. We wanted to see what the business delivered, if the output was perceived as added value by the clients and what the direction the new business owners wanted to give the business.

IN the in-depth interviews with the business owners we discovered a healthy life philosophy that was going to imprint the new business, too, a philosophy focused on taking responsibility and on a determination to finish what you start, on getting precise results, at the highest standards, no matter in what field of activity. From the client interviews, which the business owners themselves found very insightful, we came out with a respect for stability and for product quality but also a need for safety, for being able to rely on air purity in their work spaces.


To those discoveries we added the framework for the brand’s future scope of activity: the industry and its tendencies, the competitive approach and each competitor’s point of difference. This, we defined the brand idea, the central idea on which the rest would be built on: defending air purity.

A Made-Up Name, Determined To Make An Impact

The brand idea was the inspiration for the new name. ”Eversted” comes from the combination of the English words “ever” and “steady”, conveying a feeling of safety and continuity in ensuring the purest air.

A Relevant, Long-Term Promise

The first step in brand’s communication is its slogan. In a form that breathes the brand essence, the Eversted brand slogan, “Long live air purity”, opens up a conversation with employees, clients and partners.

An Identity Rooted In The Category Origin

In B2B, is is essential that the company identity finds a way to express the brand idea starting from within the category, from its roots, for the category symbols. In our process to visually explore the category for Eversted, we reached the very beginning of the air purifying process, where we encounter the filtering material, like a defending shield. This essential element, folded to increase process effectiveness, has both the function of stopping air impurities and of allowing the clean air to fill up living quarters.


For the Eversted brand identity design we selected strong, bold colours. Green for freshness, clean air and, together with the symbol, evokes the business category. The royal blue used for the wordmark balances things out and helps the company position itself as a leader and demonstrate the responsibility and seriousness that it invests both in its production and in its client relationships. We also selected a font with a technical feel, the details of which evoke the folding and fitting patterns of the air filters, but we kept it open to partnerships in its sentence case style.


We wanted Eversted to communicate like a true leader: simply, clearly, transparently, responsibly. The Eversted filters are the best defender of air purity for our work and living spaces, just like nature has the power to bring us purity. We merged natural elements with technical ones and we developed a brand identity that encourages an individual, memorable communication style.


Ștefan Ferencz, Head of Design, brandfusion

The Pride Of Being Air Purity Defenders

The management style up to the time of the acquisition had affected the working climate. Employees were not aware of their work value, of the essential role the air filters they made played in vital spaces such as hospitals of a nuclear plant. Moreover, there was no set of values embraced and promoted by management to which employees could adhere and use to govern their activity. So to increase the enthusiasm level within the team and help them embrace the brand vision, we created a platform for internal communication, based on the message: “Proud defenders of air purity”.

The New Brand Identity Book

We developed the new brand ID guide book so as to ensure a consistent and coherent implementation of the brand communication in all its touch points. The guide was all the more needed as the company attended a lot of international industry fairs and exhibitions after the launch of its new identity.

An Online Presence For International Markets Access

From the every beginning of the project, the new owners told us of their intention to access international markets and focus their sales effort within the European Union and beyond. We supported their presence at international industry fairs and exhibitions by building a website that showcases the company expertise, its product quality and the impactful projects Eversted provided its air filters for. Eventually, the website became one of the most important sales tools: within only 6 month after the launch it already had an average of 400 monthly organic visits and the number of international visitors had increased with 30%. The quality and relevance of the content we developed for the users doubled the average 2.5 minutes spent on the website.

We went through this complex change process with Brandfusion and we revived a manufacturing activity with a history of over 30 years – a genuine Romanian brand. This branding process has been a unique experience for us and we recommend it warmly to all companies who wish to redefine who they are. Our brand image now finally measures up to our performance in the industry.

Vasile Ene, Director General, Eversted


Project Results:

\ A brand built on an idea capable of supporting business decisions
\ A name that speaks about the business’ uniqueness, ready for international expansion
\ Fresh enthusiasm for current employees
\ An increase in the company’s employer attractiveness to better human resources
\ Better negotiation capacity from a leader position
\ Business development: a turnover increase of 14% within the first year from the rebranding
\ Opening of international markets and increased international client interest in the company products


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