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Donna Medical Center

Transformation in women's health care

Donna Medical Center

Founded in 2011 by a woman, Doctor of Medical Science, Donna Medical Center is a private clinic dedicated to women's health care.  

In these ten years of activity, Dr. Elena-Claudia Teodorescu’s passion and dedication nurtured her dream of creating a warm, intimate place, where every woman can benefit from evaluation and care at the highest standards in this field. This has been the driving force behind the clinic's activity and business, and all the efforts paid off judging by its reputation.  


Business challenge

The management team feels that Donna Medical Center has reached an important point in its evolution, which requires more clarity in brand communication, a relevant positioning in the minds of its audiences, as well as consistency and freshness in its visual identity, that should all reflect the value accumulated over the years.

Strategic approach

We set out to discover Donna's story, both from the internal perspective of the management and the team, and also from the external perspective of patients and industry, through a brand audit. What we learnt helped us to clarify the brand strategy, thus building its positioning in the category and the visual identity that would bring it to life.


Brand fundamentals

Following the workshop with Donna’s management team, the interviews with several team members - doctors and administrative staff - and with different customer typologies, we managed to harmonize the two perspectives, internal and external, and to articulate the fundamental elements that define the brand - the purpose, the vision, the principles that guide the team members in their actions and that are reflected in their behavior. They lay the foundation for the brand strategy and human story of Donna's business.

The Brand Idea

The in-depth interviews with customers / patients have revealed that one of the main benefits Donna offers to them is empowerment to take health into their own hands. They perceive this awareness of the role and involvement of the patient in his health care as a differentiator for Donna in the category of private medical services in Romania. Considering the transformations in the global medical industry that emphasize the partnership between doctor and patient and the development of customer centric organizations, this differentiator becomes central in defining Donna's positioning and underlies the brand idea of ​being in ​control of one's own health. Thus Donna’s brand promise was born as suggestively expressed in the tagline You are in control of your health.

Visual identity

The symbol we created has multiple meanings. For Donna's patients, health is the most precious diamond that doctors protect and cherish with care. At the same time, the star represents the excellence, training and professionalism of the doctors who specialize continuously, while the whole symbol evokes the holistic approach and respect for the patient, the empathic involvement of Donna’s team.

Thus the resulting logo combines the two concepts: human care and specialists’ expertise. The identity uses a special font family - SangBleu Sans, which conveys both feminine elegance and medical precision.

Creative platform

To speed up the transition to the new identity, we created a visual platform in which we exemplified different types of materials used in brand communication, from stationery to presentation brochure, social media templates and website design. At the same time, we have developed an extensive brand guide to help Donna’s team ensure consistency in future implementation of the visual identity.

Logo for a new business direction

The Advanced Imaging Center (AIC) is a new component in Donna's services portfolio, designed as a distinct business direction, addressing a wider segment of customers compared to the main audience of the parent brand. Therefore, there was a need to differentiate AIC visually and in communication.

The inspiration for the AIC logo came from the visual universe of medical imaging investigations and symbolizes the recognized accuracy with which they are performed within Donna Medical Center. At the same time, the AIC logo maintains the connection with the identity of the master brand by using common elements - typeface, colors, the star in the symbol.

Anniverasary logo

On its 10th anniversary, Donna wanted to mark this important moment in its evolution with an anniversary logo derived from the new visual identity.

Our impact

Our involvement in the project materialized through:

\ Clarifying the brand strategy and defining its positioning

\ A relevant brand promise expressed through the slogan

\ Formulation of the strategic narrative of the brand

\ A visual identity connected to Donna's purpose

\ A coherent creative platform

\ Visual differentiation of the new business direction - Center for Advanced Imaging

\ Marking Donna's 10 years of activity with an anniversary logo

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