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How Can Entering A New Market Challenge The Entire Business Strategy?


4-Rent is the newest line of business in the CTE Group's portfolio, dedicated to the rental of specialized machinery and equipment.

With ambitious growth targets in this business segment, the group wanted to accelerate the entry of the new company into the market through communication actions, in order to consolidate its position in its category.


Although the project proposed by the management team was focused on the new renting business within the CTE Group, we realised there was a deeper group need to define its own identity, to create synergies between the identities of its different entities. Hence, in parallel with identifying solutions in response to the new renting business challenge, we developed another project for the group’s identity, defining its purpose, values and visual identity. You can find more details about the extension of our initial project in our CTE Grup case study.

Business challenge

In this context, many business questions had to be answered. Among those that influenced our strategic solutions were: What name can ensure the visibility of this new line? Is the existing name, 4-Rent, able to support rapid growth with a sustainable communication effort? Why does this business think it is indispensable for its customers? What are the points that differentiate the business and what do its customers value? How can the new line of business, in terms of brand strategy, benefit from its membership of the CTE Group?


The Group As Trust Capital For The New Business Line

The first step was to change the business name from 4-Rent to CTE Rent, to preserve the monolithic brand architecture coherence. The differentiation of the various business lines in the portfolio was achieved by allocation colour codes to be found in the symbol as well as in the business descriptor (Group, Rent, Trailers, Solution). For CTE Rent the colour green was selected to express the openness of the organisation toward sustainable efficient solutions.

Group Coherence – A Differentiating Experience For The Client

To add another step in the development of the new CTE Rent identity, the group’s message, “Equipped for progress”, needed to be adapted to this specific business, so that it is relevant to its clients and competitively differentiating. Thus, we arrived at “Equipped for support”. This speaks about the CTE Rent brand and organization always being prepared to deliver equipment and machinery renting solutions as well as about its supportive character as a reliable partner for it clients.

The Business Attributes Inspire The Corporate Culture

To supplement brand communication, we identified the business attributes that differentiate the CTE Group within its industry and that will be used not only as selling points but also as work and internal collaboration principles. The all-encompassing vision, the client-focused attitude, the promptness and detailed industry and specs knowledge were the main pillars we bult the communication messages on.

An Impactful Expression Of Uniqueness

Further on, we created the rules system for the CTE Rent imagery and photographic style, the tone of voice, the graphic shapes, the colours, etc. All, crreated to express CTE Rent’s uniqueness and to lend it impact through clarity and visibility.

We started the renting business relying on two factors: the CTE Group’s experienced leadership in the industry and an increasing need for companies to outsource the equipment necessary for various key stages of their projects. We asked Brandfusion to help us in our intention to better commuincate about our new business line. But thanks to them we found oout that, before you communicate on behalf of a brand, you need firm and clear answers to many business questions that may influence how that brand is built. For us it was a discovery process and an important step in the evolution of our renting business as well as of the CTE Group.

Tellu Striinu, Director Executiv, CTE Rent


Project Results:

\ The alignment of the new business line to the group’s brand strategy, to benefit from its reputation and visibility

\ Creating image synergy for the group, to increase awareness for the new business in the CTE Group portfolio

\ A new name and brand identity to reflect the renting business belonging to a consolidated, powerful group

\ Brand slogan (“Equipped for support”) aligned to the group’s general promise (“Equipped for progress”) but capable of expressing CTE Rent’s uniqueness

\ Slogan de brand (Echipați pentru susținere) aliniat la promisiunea generală a grupului (Echipați pentru progres), dar capabil să și exprime unicitatea business-ului CTE Rent

\ CTE Rent communication materials meant to help the company introduce and present itself and its services

“Am pornit business-ul de închiriere, bazându-ne pe doi factori: experiența de lider în industrie a CTE Group și nevoia tot mai crescută a companiilor de a-și asigura necesarul de echipamente, în etapele importante din proiecte. Am apelat la Brandfusion cu gândul de a ne ajuta să comunicăm despre noul business. Dar am aflat cu ajutorul lor, că, înainte de a comunica un brand, trebuie să-ți clarifici multe întrebări de business care pot influența baza pe care se construiește brandul. A fost pentru noi un proces de descoperire și un pas important în evoluția business-ului și a CTE Group.”

Tellu Striinu, Director Executiv CTE Rent

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