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Benefito Mobile

Benefito Mobile - A 100% Digital Launch

Benefito Mobile

Benefito Mobile is a virtual mobile network operator that aims to bring together telecommunications and retail through an unique product for the Romanian market, more precisely, a prepaid card that is recharged by transforming the bonus obtained for purchases made in its network of partners into credit.

Business challenge

The product novelty and the business model particularities, which involves different types of customers and consumer behaviors, different markets and competitive landscapes dominated by major international players, along with the marketing budget limitations specific to a start-up, make the launch mission a very difficult one for Benefito Mobile. In this context, we accepted the challenge to build the Benefito Mobile brand positioning and to develop the communication concept and strategy for its market launch.

How can a new brand, that comes to change the "rules of the game" in two market categories with established practices and consumer habits - telecommunications and retail -, become visible, understood and gain the audience’s trust, without benefiting from marketing and business levers similar to those used by its major competitors?


Strategic approach

The first step in the project was to understand who the Benefito Mobile consumer is and how the product responds to his needs or expectations in a way that can lead him to adopt a new consumption behavior. Thus, we were able to articulate the brand idea and create the verbal and visual communication platform that would support it in a relevant, authentic, convincing way. We then developed the communication strategy and plan to make the brand known and help it stand out effectively in a very "noisy" market.

Branding solution

The Brand Idea

We conducted a workshop with the Benefito Mobile management team, in which we explored the consumer profile and linked the product benefits to his pains and gains from the perspective of its dual role - mobile telephony user and retail customer - to define possible brand positioning routes. Subsequently, we also analyzed the information discovered in the process from the perspective of potential consumers, which we identified among our team members, and thus formulated the Benefito Mobile brand idea to surprise by making things differently. The brand idea was then summed up in the tagline "Surprisingly different".

Communication platform

Starting from the brand positioning, we developed the Benefito Mobile communication platform using a familiar verbal and visual language, with which the main audience could resonate and which they could easily understand. At the same time, we wanted the brand to have the power to stand out and become memorable, even in the context of significantly less intense communication actions than those of the competition, by using the tone of voice and visual identity to highlight its uniqueness.

Launch strategy and campaign

Once we defined the communication concept for the brand launch, we collaborated with the Benefito Mobile team to establish the strategy and concrete action plan to reach the target audience, in order to attract their attention and interest. We built and implemented the communication campaign exclusively in the digital space, in order to have maximum efficiency from the perspective of both promotion efforts and marketing investment during the first months after launch.

Our impact

Our involvement in the project materialized through:

\ Discovering the central need of the consumer and connecting it with the brand promise of value, thus establishing the positioning

\ Defining the brand idea and articulating it into a memorable tagline

\ Creating a language that makes the brand stand out and relevant to its audience, both verbally and visually

\ Development of the communication plan capable of supporting the brand launch with optimal visibility and efficiency.

“Mulțumim frumos pentru calitatea, creativitatea și viteza execuției. Felicitări pentru concept și profesionalism.”

Gabriel Mureșanu, Director Business Development Benefito Mobile

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