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How Can A Brand Revitalise A Team?


For 15 years, Axel Soft has focused on the distribution of ESET Antivirus, one of the best-selling antivirus solutions, on strengthening relationships with partners and on communicating the product brand.

Thus, it reached the top of security solution distributors. However, internally, the members of the team had not yet developed a sense of pride in this achievement.

Our approach

Our strategic decision was to find the best way to engage the organisation and coalesce its energies around a new brand identity that would reflect their team spirit and uniqueness. Additionally, there was a clear need for a new, inspiring and motivating communication platform. We started by looking at the
brand’s starting point as well as its aspirations. We wanted to see what the foundation of their success was, so we could further build on it, and we needed to identify areas for  improvement. We analyzed
the business history, its activity, its interactions with customers and partners and the way team members relate to one another, to uncover the source of the energy that had constantly motivated them to evolve.

Business challenge

The business needed to take a strong position in the category of security solution providers and bring a boost of energy within the team. What has brought us success and how can we move it forward, both internally and externally? How can we arouse the team's enthusiasm for this achievement to make it visible on the outside as well? These were the questions we were challenged by the Axel Soft team.

Our branding solution

A Brand Meant To Safeguard Client Trust

We found that Axel Soft is highly customer-centric and consistent in its initiatives and efforts as illustrated by its 24/7 dedicated customer support service. Our findings convinced us that the spirit of Axel Soft can be synthesized its desire to earn and keep its customers’ trust. Hence the brand idea: Safeguarding trust. We also translated it into the corporate slogan “Secured by trust”, to offer team members a convincing and powerful claim to use in their external communication.

A Tech-Savvy, Modern, Bold Brand Identity

How can you visually represent the idea of a defender of trust, always ready to help? We created a unique symbol based on the phrase “Built-In Trust” and we used symbolic arrows to convey both the internal and the external focus of the brand. We selected a modern typeface and customized it for more tech savviness. We also chose a bold color palette to complement their main product brand (ESET Antivirus).


We simplified the brand architecture, giving up the “Soft IT Group” descriptor since it did not bring any added value to the business, and we made the name friendlier by omitting the ”Soft” particle. Thus, we gave the team and the organisation a chance to speak more eloquently about their service quality.

A New Attitude, A New Brand Voice

We developed a fresh visual language, and a strong, differentiating and empowering tone of
voice to help the brand stand out. Next, we tailored it for several touchpoints (website, ads, corporate video, etc.)

The work the Brandfusion team put into our rebranding to ensure not only the final output but the whole process meets their high standards, is nothing short of remarkable. Hence, a lot of care and thought were generously provided all along, in explaining the strategy and communication directions, all meticulously crafted based on our brief.

Cătălin Gligan, Marketing Manager, Axel

We. Axel. Together We Excel

We created the “We, Axel” internal communication platform to engage the team in the rebranding
process and enhance their trust. The platform promotes the brand’s values and energises employees, motivating them to work together to maximise their performance.

Throughout the project we found tremendous goodwill towards our feedback and willingness
to explain and clarify the extent to which our observations affected the agreed strategy. An excellent collaboration during which Brandfusion’s consulting services were as great as their creative ones.

Cătălin Gligan,
Marketing Manager, Axel

Our impact

The new brand identity was launched for the 16th anniversary of the company.

\  A new brand idea that reflects the spirit of the organisation and encourages the team to evolve

\  A modern brand identity, to ensure the brand’s powerful position in the category

\  A friendly, fresh, and tech-savvy personality, consistently delivered in every touch point

\  An internal communication platform to re-energise employees


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