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A.G. Billig, or Andreea, as we know her, is one of those people whose life story could become a bestseller if it was published.

Journalism, experience in communication and PR, TV and radio host career, talent and passion for writing, self-publishing expertise, entrepreneurial activity, traveling, spiritual initiation and moving to the US, all find a significant place in her biography. Among these, writing plays an essential role in Andreea's life, being the form of expression that brings her closest to what she feels is her soul mission to help people remember that love is their true nature.

Branding solution

Using our fast branding solution, Brandfusion Booster, we went through an exclusively digital sprint process that helped us articulate the positioning strategy of the author brand and the key communication messages. In the next stage, they became the source of inspiration in the development of the visual identity.

During the online discovery workshop, we explored with A.G. Billig her aspirations for the future, envisioning how, over the years, her books will be among those that people give to others hoping to inspire them to take the first steps in the desired direction and change their lives for the better. At the same time, we brought to light the contribution and impact that the author wants to have in readers’ lives, formulating her mission to uplift them, so that they can transcend the mundane.

Her own journey to becoming a loving human being, aided by the extensive study of spiritual masters’ books and attunement to various forms of therapy, such as Reiki and the Silva Method, guides the author's work and creativity. Thus, she manages to differentiate herself through an accessible and very personal narrative style, blending real stories, ancient wisdom, spirituality and scientific evidence. For this reason, her books offer perspective, clarity and, at the same time, an energy that triggers and facilitates the transformation process, helping readers to discover self-love and a life built on love. This is the promise of value that A.G. Billig makes to those who seek inspiration and answers to existential questions, its authenticity echoing in their minds and hearts.

Led by A.G. Billig’s mission and promise of value, we expressed the author's brand uniqueness as a credo that underlies all her human and artistic manifestations. It speaks of love as a superpower that we all have and that helps us pursue our dreams. This idea turns into an encouragement for A.G. Billig’s readers through the tagline "Set your destination and let love take you there."


Once the positioning strategy and the brand idea are defined, they are translated into the various forms of expression specific to the author brand, from the official bio and media talking points, to the narrative and messages used on different digital and offline communication channels (website, social media, participation in book events, etc.).

Atunci când vrei să te faci remarcat pe piaţa de carte atât de competitivă acum, fie că vorbim de România sau de piaţa internațională, un brand de autor este absolut necesar. Iar pentru a-l realiza, ai nevoie de ajutorul unui specialist, care să poată privi cine ești și ce scrii în mod obiectiv, și să identifice acele aspecte care te definesc cel mai bine și care au puterea de a atrage atenţia, simpatia ţi loialitatea potenţialilor cititori. Un specialist care să așeze toate acestea în cele mai potrivite cuvinte, mesaje, culori, și elemente vizuale, într-un cuvânt să creeze un brand unic şi de mare impact. Brandfusion a reuşit să facă aceasta într-un timp record. Rezultatul a fost cu mult peste așteptări, constând într-o identitate de brand remarcabilă, exact așa cum mi-am dorit, dar și o clarificare a viziunii mele asupra carierei mele de autor. Profesionalismul desăvârşit al membrilor echipei este însoțit de multă pasiune și dedicare, și de aceea a fost o adevărată bucurie și plăcere să lucrez cu ei. Le sunt profund recunoscatoare şi recomand echipa Brandfusion din toată inima.

A.G. Billig

Our impact

The results pursued in this Brandfusion Booster project were:

\ Defining the positioning strategy of the author brand - vision, mission, values, personality, differentiators, promise of value

\ Formulation of the author brand idea and key messages used in communication - credo, slogan, official bio, media talking points

\ Articulation of the brand tagline

\ Development of the new visual identity - logo, communication materials (website design, social media, book cover)

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