The success of a branding process is the result of dedication and disciplineBF Team

The branding process involves change. It's about a new way to show yourself to the world, to relate to those around you or to do things. And, as with any change, it takes courage to make decisions, dedication and a lot of discipline.

The success of such an approach is not given by a magic formula. There are logical steps to follow, but they must be accompanied by your enthusiasm and passion:

1. Decide what your business idea is for

2. Assume the idea and support it in front of the organization

3. Make the idea visible, clear and coherent with the help of identity and communication

4. Make sure you make the brand idea the stock generator for all four vectors

brand (product / services, communication, culture, environment) and that you focus on investing in the main growth vectors

5. Deliver the idea to all audiences and to all points of contact of the brand with them

Questions for you:

1. Did you think that a change at the brand level may be needed if something doesn't work at  business level?

2. Have you informed your team of managers what such a change at the brand level entails?

3. You are willing to involve at least part of the organization in the branding process, so that the idea you discover will be understood and accepted by your employees as well?

4. Do you have the human and financial resources to make the change tangible at the level of the four brand vectors?

5. Can you build a long-term relationship with the team of consultants you hire?