LogoLounge Book 14: Recognizing Creativity in Brand Design

After a strong start to the year with a gold win at Transform Awards Europe 2023 cfor the Adams Supplements project, we are delighted to announce that four of our recently developed brand identities have been featured in LogoLounge Book 14, selected from among thousands of submissions.

These four projects - Commergent, VeruvisMagazinul Bunului Fermier și Bravito, span diverse industries, from technology to FMCG. However, they all share a common thread: the creative application of business acumen and strategic precision. Each serves as an excellent representation of a radical transformation achieved through brand strategy, positioning, and design.

LogoLounge is a renowned international publication that has been showcasing logos and identities for over two decades, well-known for its annual Trend Report.

This year, Veruvis' identity was also selected by LogoLounge as an example of current trends in symbol design.

What's even more exciting is that each designer on the Brandfusion team is represented by one of these identities featured in the new LogoLounge edition. On this occasion, we invited our fellow designers – Oanna, Ștefan, and Elena – to share their thoughts on what it means for them to see their creative work illustrated in the new Logo Book alongside many other successful brands.

"The fact that our work has been included in Logolounge 14 is a remarkable achievement! It's a testament to the creativity of the Brandfusion team. Personally, as a graphic designer, it's a welcome validation of our work and an encouragement that fuels our passion for creating impactful visual identities. Here's to many more! 🚀🎨" - Ștefan Ferencz, Brand Design Director

"I'm glad that our work is periodically recognized and appreciated, and that we will be alongside many designers we admire in LogoLounge 14." - Oanna Turtă, Senior Designer

"For me, it's a great joy and an extraordinary achievement that our work has reached a globally recognized universe of creativity alongside many successful brands. I'm very proud of the entire team, and these accomplishments motivate us even more to strive for perfection and embrace new challenges." - Elena Dumitru, Brand Designer.

For us, the Brandfusion team, these periodic selections of our work demonstrate that our strategic approach yields internationally recognized results of which we can be proud. This strengthens our confidence, reaffirms our value, and confirms that we create high-quality branding, giving us the energy to continue in the same vein. It is also an impetus to dare more, to explore creativity in all its forms, and to raise the standards in Romanian branding.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Commergent, Veruvis, Magazinul Bunului Fermier, and Bravito (Agricola) teams for their trust and creative freedom, as well as for collaborating with us to transform ideas into efficient design and memorable brands.