Design Trends 2023Echipa BF

In the world of graphic design, a year is a long time. While some styles appear and disappear extremely quickly, others evolve over time and remain in the leading positions for years. Methods already tried or used give way to new technologies, and what was popular a decade ago may seem outdated today.
To welcome the new year with a bang, we've carefully researched and rounded up some of the best and boldest graphic design trends in 2023.
Simple Geometric Shapes
The Bauhaus style became known at the beginning of the 20th century and is characterized by clarity, accessibility and, last but not least, simplicity. The style is inspired by the combination of geometric shapes and the design that can be created with them. This style is constantly on the rise due to the trend of simplicity and the fact that users associate it with childhood and the first learned forms.

3D Art
3D art hasn't lost any ground in its popularity over the last year. This fact is understandable because websites evolve, progress, their functions expand, allowing the placement of increasingly complex 3D illustrations. The 3D design gives the user a much clearer interaction on the content and the visual enjoyment of the volume of the product.

To the aid of artists comes 3D artwork software that has been constantly evolving in recent years. Tools like Cinema 4D and even the latest updates from Adobe make it possible to create true 3D works of art. It is also worth noting that 3D design does not have to be limited to digital artwork, it can also be used for product design, architecture or illustrations.
AI Illustration
Although many artists fear that artificial intelligence will take their place, we think otherwise. Designers can take advantage of the power offered by artificial intelligence and use it for multiple purposes such as packaging, illustrations or posters. The AI does an excellent job conveying both mystery and utopianism, which is why we believe in its popularity in 2023.

Expressive And Custom Typography
Typography is one of the key elements of graphic design. Since text is used to convey messages, designers are pushing the boundaries to give extra character to simple letterforms. In 2023, we come across affordable font creation software like Glyphs where anyone can easily create their own font. This has led to a huge influx of "rule-breaking" fonts. Custom letters and fonts have been around for a long time, but now we're seeing more and more big brands using them in their designs. Through these changes at the level of the letters, the design is encompassed by uniqueness and at the same time gives the brand a real boost in creativity and character.
As a typography style, serif fonts have always been a classic sign, conveying sophistication and elegance. We are witnessing a new trend these days, where serif fonts interact with other design elements, making everything carry a specific symbolism or simply be more creative.

Brand Illustrations
Brand illustrations received a big boost after famous brands like Dropbox or Mailchimp invested in creating their own graphic universe based on them, and they are also gaining popularity among smaller brands.
When composed correctly, these brand illustration styles are truly unique and original, and can quickly become trademarks of the brands themselves, even when separated from the logo. Google, for example, uses this style of design in its famous "Google Doodles".
Lately, even personal brands are using such custom illustrations and icons to develop their visual language and create their own unique look.

Well, it looks like the year 2023 is going to be fantastic in terms of graphic design. We will encounter constant trends, a wide diversity of styles and an unceasing thirst for experimentation that promises an unforgettable new year. We can only wait and see what the next design revolution will be!