Branding to the power of remoteBF Team

Same as everybody else in the world, we are witnessing the changes that COVID-19 brings to the way society and individuals operate.

Not so long ago, we were speaking about business disruption as a significant reaction produced by young tech startups on different markets and consumer habits.

Now, in this new context, the concept of disruption starts to spread globally, in all important areas of our lives: social, economic, or political.

The speed of these changes has created a huge pressure on us as well to find answers to vital business questions: How can we adapt to these changes that will force us to make fast decisions? Given the time pressure our customers face these days, how can we continue to build solid brands?  

From “in person” to “remote” collaboration

Transforming the branding processes, from an “in person” collaboration approach to a totally remote one, becomes an implicit way of working, as a consequence.

Thanks to advanced technologies, allowing us to run remote meetings and virtual collaboration, now it’s easy to carry out high quality, idea design actions.

Therefore, for those projects under time pressure, we reconfigured the branding processes that usually took a longer time. We kept the actions that safeguard the quality of the strategic recommendations, while introducing virtual meetings or discussions (Google Meet, Zoom), collaborative creative/brainstorming sessions (Miro), new tools and techniques to research, collect and test the information and insights about customers, consumers and markets (, Google Slides).

In uncertain times, agile branding solutions

More and more, such moments that the entrepreneurs can’t afford to miss will come, and we have to be ready for them. There will be actions that can’t be canceled, or opportunities that can’t wait. Thus, aiming to help agile decisions, we created Brandfusion Booster, a branding services pack that, in only 5 days of intensive work of a multidisciplinary team, can set a business on an ascendant trajectory.

Brand, the safety net for businesses

In the upcoming period, time and budget will put high pressure on businesses. What should not happen is to postpone the strategic decisions. Quite the contrary, the current context proves to favor paying great attention when building brands. That’s why businesses with brands built on relevant promises, supported by their actions, benefit from an extra safety net in these moments.

This is the safety net we propose to the Romanian businesses that need to launch or relaunch their brands in a short time.

In complete branding processes, we usually build numerous safety nets, using a considerable amount of time and significant resources for a comprehensive analysis of the market, consumers, competitive environment etc. In the fast Brandfusion Booster solution on the other hand, we think about essential safety elements, analyzing our customer’s business and information, using accessible sources of consumers, categories and industry research, and leveraging our experience in connecting the information and revealing strategic insights.

In addition to this approach, we use technology to collaborate fast and easy within the team and with the customer, to create and share ideas in real time. Obviously, another mandatory element of this endeavor is the customer’s capacity to devote 100% of his attention to the process. Thus, we accelerate the phases, we reach the conclusions in a short time, and we generate ideas fast. All to the power of “remote”.