Branding is a process of discovering the uniqueness of a businessBF Team

Branding is a process of discovering the uniqueness of a business. The technology developed in the last 30 years has led to increased productivity, the supply of products and services, and the removal of barriers between countries. This has made possible the emergence of new industries such as mobile telephony, snowboarding, coffee chains, home video, discount stores, etc.

The outcome? For businesses, it has influenced the intensification of the price war, the decrease in margins and the lack of differentiation. For consumers, it has led to increased accessibility to products and services and their similarity.

How do we still manage to choose products and services when the offers are 95% similar? That 5% remains that differentiates products and services from each other. Branding is the process of discovering and expressing clearly and coherently that unique 5%, owned by a company, that can make a major difference in its favor. In brand language, that 5% around which the business is built, is called the brand idea. In the case of businesses run by an entrepreneur, the organization develops around his beliefs. Even if there is a central idea on which the evolution of the company is based, it is usually not aware and is taken over and carried on in an informal, intuitive way.

From the moment the management of the entrepreneurial company feels that the uniqueness on which the business is based is not reflected the way the organization manifests itself, its products and services or its communication, it is vital to initiate the branding process. Thus, once the branding process is launched, the beliefs and the idea of ​​the brand are institutionalized and their integration in the deepest business aspects. Similar to the way waves propagate in an area of ​​impact, once the central area of ​​brand uniqueness is discovered, the branding process helps to spread it throughout the business, ensuring a decisive impact on the company's life.

Ask yourself and those around you what the core idea of ​​your business is. Do you have a common idea about this?How do your colleagues answer the question: "How do we differ from our competitors?" What about your customers?

Is the uniqueness of your brand, which you just revealed together with your team, found at the level of products and services?Do you feel that the current communication about your company and its people is focused on that 5% that makes you unique in relation to the competition?

What about the attitude of the people in your company? Can this be the engine that protects you and keeps your brand idea intact over time?