Brandfusion technology division branding

Brandfusion announces the change of its technology division name to Commergent. The name change reflects the technology division's vision to dedicate its portfolio of services to eCommerce and become the partner in digital transformation for all types of business.

Brandfusion's creative division will continue to serve Commergent clients for their UI/UX design, branding, and brand communication needs.

Commergent is based on a knowledgeable team with over 17 years of experience in a wide variety of industries, both B2B and B2C, working with eCommerce systems and different platforms. Ever since 2012 the focus shifted towards Dynamicweb All-In-One platform. Currently, its clients include more than 150 Romanian and multinational companies from Europe, North America, and Asia, that are relevant for their industry.

Commergent’s promise to its clients is an integrated experience that benefits from having everything gathered under one roof. Strategic advisors, well-organized project managers, creative designers, certified developers, and experts in online marketing. 

"The world is under pressure from social, economic, and political changes. Market fluidity, ongoing changes in consumer behavior, and the pressure of disruptive business models, all increase the anxiety of businesses and weaken their ability to focus on what really creates value. Partnering with businesses in their process of adapting to the digital environment and providing continuous value to their communities is our core ethos.

At Commergent, we continue to work closely with our clients as we believe partnerships play a key role in the development, delivery, and ongoing success of our solutions.

We will continue to attract our clients to take part in a highly collaborative and agile journey, where their business is in focus. Together towards tomorrow." says Mr. Adrian Ursu, CEO Commergent.

About Commergent
Commergent is a privately held Romanian company, headquartered in Bucharest, focused on building business solutions using flexible, reliable, and scalable eCommerce systems. The strong partnership with Dynamicweb started in 2012 and ever since, Commergent has contributed to the Dynamicweb ecosystem by supporting partners all over the world.
From simple websites to complex B2B systems, Commergent has managed to overcome barriers that kept businesses from evolving and also contributed to the evolution of the Dynamicweb solution in the process.

The company’s workforce consists of over 15 talented individuals that focus on providing knowledge, support, creativity, and empathy to help its clients in their digital journey.

Its clients include more than 150 Romanian and multinational companies from Europe, North America, and Asia, that are relevant for their industry: Agricover, Altex, RTC, Elbi Electric, Mendola Group, Consolight, All Media, Polymark, etc.