An agile branding solution

The Brandfusion Booster solution offers entrepreneurial businesses an option for conducting branding processes in a fully digital work environment. Through “sprint” techniques, within the team and with the client, through design thinking tools, we apply the knowledge accumulated by a multidisciplinary team, simplifying the decision and offering high - quality branding, in just 5 days.

  • Positioning strategy +
  • Slogan +
  • Logo design
  • Brand materials +
  • Identity guide +


Positioning strategy


The positioning strategy uses as a source of inspiration the analysis of information about the business, customers, competitive environment, or trends in the reference industry. Thus, we find answers to key questions about the aspirations and challenges of each business, about what characterizes and differentiates it from the perspective of its customers. This overall perspective helps us in our action to discover the idea of the brand,that "something" that captures the uniqueness of the business and that will turn into messages of brand communication.



It is the best known way of expressing the brand idea, conveying the promise of value that the company makes in a succinct message, using an accessible, easy to remember language. Together with the logo, the slogan is a part of the brand identity’s signature

Logo design


The logo is the central element of the brand identity and the first visual signal it transmits. Its construction is based on the brand idea, formulated in the strategy phase. Its essential role is to concentrate the uniqueness of the business in a graphic representation and to create a visual language (graphic style, shapes, colors) that will become the "imprint" of the brand communication.

Brand materials


In order to become functional and to address its customers, the brand needs unitary, relevant and coherent communication in all important touchpoints. For this reason, Brandfusion Booster includes the design of the following communication materials that are part of the visual identity required for a launch:

  • A web page with the company overview (including technical development and implementation)
  • Banners for online promotion (Google, Facebook, Instagram)

Identity guide


This is the source document for future design decisions, following the brand launch. It comprises a set of rules for using the brand logo, colors and fonts, as well as guiding rules for creating messages, or using images in brand communication.

  • Versions of the logotype (full, B&W, greyscale)
  • Color palette (primary colors, secondary colors)
  • Elements of typography (primary typeface, secondary typeface, fonts)
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Brandfusion Booster is a solution born of our desire to help young Romanian businesses during the period of economic and social uncertainty created by COVID-19. The solution has a limited term and it will be up to Brandfusion to determine it. Therefore, both the cost and the availability of Brandfusion Booster will be made known after our first phone or video discussion on your project.

The 5 days project developed through the Brandfusion Booster solution can start on the first day of the week following the proposal and contractual agreement, after fulfilling the stipulated payment conditions. After the first phone or online video discussion, our team will offer you all the support in order to make the project development fast, so that you can benefit from this branding package as soon as possible.

Brandfusion Booster includes a visual identity guide to help you with its further implementation (logo, slogan, colors, fonts), or when printing business cards and letterheads.

We will also provide you with the online documentation needed to manage the web page and its content. The platform on which the web page is developed is very intuitive and you will be able to access it without specialized technical knowledge. We mention that the web page will attract recurring costs (hosting, CMS), which are not included in the Brandfusion Booster package, but you will receive all the information during our first online meeting. In case you need extra help, we are here.

In addition, we will set up an online meeting to make sure everything is okay. Also, we will schedule an evaluation meeting one year after the implementation in which we will analyze the brand, without additional costs, and we will advise you on what you can do next.

If at the end of the process, you want to develop other communication materials, or you want to develop the web page, adding new pages, or promoting your online business, we can help. Just send us your requirements and we will come back to you with a new collaboration proposal.

After the final presentation, according to the approved Brandfusion Booster package, it is possible to carry out a revision on the deliverables consisting of small changes of the text content (replacing certain words), or resizing certain graphic elements (logo, images, text, etc.). The review will be done on the next business day after the 5 days of the Brandfusion Booster process, based on your feedback, and you will receive the revised project at the end of that day.

We mention that we need to receive certain complete and correct content information from the beginning (e.g. contact details for business card and letterhead, description of products / services for the web page). If any changes necessary after the project is completed, you will be able to implement them without our intervention, because you will receive the source / editable files of the materials.

Also, we consider that no other major revisions will be necessary, because, during the 5 days, we will have two short sessions of presentation and validation of the direction chosen for strategy (brand idea and slogan) and design (logo, colors, characters). So, we will agree with you on the changes we need to make, so that the end result is the expected one.

In addition, we rely on the fact that our expertise and talent embodied in over 200 branding and rebranding projects will help us to create, from the first attempt, a brand that will represent your business and place it on an ascendant trajectory.

The materials you will receive are:

  • a PDF document presenting the brand strategy (brand values, differentiators, brand promise, slogan, etc.);
  • logo package in different formats, in all color versions: editable files and PDF, JPG / PNG exports;
  • a PDF document with proposals for communication materials (business card, letterhead, car branding, online banners, web page) and source files, editables (Adobe Illustrator) for each material;
  • a PDF document with the guide for using the brand visual identity;
  • an active landing page with responsive design, on the domain provided by you, with SSL certificate included, contact form setup, location on the map;
  • the documentation and authentication data for access to the CMS platform of the web page.

You will be able to access and download all the above materials through the Dropbox application within 30 days of receiving the access link from us. The Dropbox access link will be sent at the end of the 5 days of the process, if no final revisions are required, or at the end of the next business day after the revisions are made.

The landing page we develop within Brandfusion Booster is a single page, with responsive design, containing up to 6 sections: an introductory section, an "About us" section, a product / service section, a testimonial / news section, the contact section and the footer bar at the bottom of the page, where the useful information will be (terms and conditions, privacy policy, links to social media pages).

If you need new content or new pages for your web page, you can add them yourself later, or we can help you.

Of course. You can add new pages on your behalf or any content you want. You can also call on our help and, depending on your needs, we will help you with recommendations, development and implementation of the new content. Contact us to discuss the different options and we will send you a cost proposal.

In this case, we will help you with a personalized proposal of cost and lead time. You will choose what you need to activate your brand.

During the Brandfusion Booster process we will develop together several important messages to communicate (what the brand promises, what competitive advantages it offers, how it differs from competition, etc.), which will be included in the materials agreed in the project. However, we will need to receive some content information from you, such as contact details for business card and letterhead, product / service description, privacy policy, terms and conditions for the web page.

Later, if you want to expand your communication and develop other materials, we can help you based on a new collaboration proposal.

We are happy to answer this question and we recommend you to go through the other sections of our website and check the full suite of services we offer and our projects.


We are always available for an interesting talk. We'd like to find out more about your business challenges and future plans. Just get in touch and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible to continue the conversation.

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