We are honoring the first 15 years of branding

Fifteen years ago, at the beginning of a cold December day, the first official document signed by Brandfusion was born.

Looking back with satisfaction, we can say that it was a beginning under the sign of courage and tenacity.

15 years is a respectable age in a niche business, in a country that has discovered the principles of managing a business, only 30 years ago. All this time we have worked hard to develop our skills in strategy, design, technology and digital. And we didn't stop here. We used every possible opportunity to make the concept of branding and its extraordinary impact on the prosperity of a business known and understood.

Proud of what brought us here

We are proud of what we have achieved and the fact that we have established ourselves in a challenging business category. We have earned an important place here and this is just the beginning. Together, we dream of moving forward with our list of accomplishments:

    \ Just as enthusiastic, but more mature.

In our work you can never say that you have seen them all. Whether we are talking about redesigning brands from various industries, business discourses, websites and technology solutions or pro-bono projects, each of them has brought not only maturity in our thinking, but also the flavor and pleasure of work that keep us excited.

    \ We have been running a marathon for 15 years.

Many are preparing for the marathon, but not everyone is determined to complete it. Over the past 15 years, colleagues who have contributed to what we are today have chosen to continue their journey to new horizons. We like to think that they trained with us for something more in line with their future plans.

    \ We are dependent on the beauty of our work.

The fact that the result of our work today makes us want more of ourselves and keeps us active and enthusiastic for tomorrow is our way of saying that we like what we do and that we do what we like. And we don't want to change any of that.

    \ We have built a second family from our team.

We have created a unique fabric of human feelings in our relationships, of trust, of the desire to contribute to a common goal, of mutual support. We arrived here celebrating together our common or personal successes, enjoying small or big victories or cheering ourselves up after failures. They have all united us under what we feel is our second family.

    \ From the start, in the first peloton

We always liked to lead through the quality of services and an ethical attitude. This made us not let our guard down and not stop for a moment in doing the things we should be proud of. We lead the progress in branding and this gives us energy to believe in ourselves and to continue to make an impact in the life of businesses.

This is just the beginning

Today we honor the idea of being together, a family of people who love to evolve and leave value behind. This idea has contributed to our becoming and our success. Together we made it possible to get here and together we look to the future with high hopes and dreams.

Happy Anniversary, Brandfusion!