Tradition, comprised within the brand identity, does not contravene to the desire for a contemporary image

When you deal with a brand much loved by the Romanians, with a history of over 40 years, any change you might want to perform must be carefully weighed. Where Râureni was concerned, it took a radical change, that would modernize a beloved Romanian brand. After its transformation, Râureni is more visible on the shelves and it communicates in a unique and authentic style, customized to the current type of consumer.

- Mona Ursu, Managing Partner 


On the market since 1968, Râureni is one of the oldest Romanian brands. The Romanian entrepreneur who took over Oltchim factory in 2008, quickly realized that the brand was dusty and prone to get lost within the agglomeration of competitors on the market. The project started when he asked us to redesign the products’ labels.

We sought to implement a modern formula to express the idea of the brand - closeness to nature and the natural. The Râureni products have always been made at home, with care, but that idea was had not been transposed into the packaging design or communication up until now.

Râureni new packages are based on the concept of modern pantry. The labels use handwriting and a simple design to remind the customers about the pantry preserves. 
With the restoration of labels, we reinvigorated the logo as well. We kept the leaf that signifies the natural origin of ingredients and we introduced the heart, a symbol of the care with which they are processed.



FMCG / Canned Fruits and Vegetables


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  •  Associating the brand with a contemporary image, relevant for the current consumers
  • Up until 2010, the brand's market share stalled three years in a row; after the rebranding process, the brand’s market share began to increase, reaching 5.3% nationally, on a highly fragmented market, such as the canned fruits and vegetables one
  • More shelf visibility for more than 100 SKU that were implemented
  • An honest and transparent communication, in accordance with consumer expectations nowadays