When changing business strategy, the brand helps clarify new directions of development

“If you have a clear speech, people know what to look you for. Whiteland BTL felt that is was being associated with field service marketing a bit too much and that it has more to offer. This prompted a process of redefinition, which resulted in a new name and a new identity” 

- Mona Ursu, Managing Partner


Imersia (formerly Whiteland BTL) is a full-service agency, present on the Romanian market since 2009. Member of Whiteland Group, the company has a young team of over 40 employees and over 2000 collaborators in 16 outlets, offices and regional warehouses.

Following an audit, we defined the brand's core idea: live action. It captures the team's ability to perfectly orchestrate what is done: controls the entire process, from small to large; comes up with solutions in crisis situations; make things happen.

Brand identity clearly expresses what the brand has to offer. The name Imersia transmits both live action as well as holistic action, which supports the company's expansion into new segments of marketing. The logo is alive, full of energy, aided by the yellow colour. The sun symbol immediately captures the attention through the moiré effect.



Marketing Services


Brand Strategy, Logo, Slogan 


  • Assuming a central business idea
  • Expression of business idea through the logo
  • A relevant and differentiating positioning within category
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