The authentic story, upon which the brand building is based, creates credibility

”In a fragmented market such as the wines’ market, where there are so many products that barely distinguish themselves, consumers are attracted to brands with an authentic story and a commitment to deliver what they promise through their name and packaging. In creating a new brand, it is important to start from the product and position it correctly’​”

- Mona Ursu, Managing Partner 


Hereditas is the organic wine brand within Senator Wine portfolio. When we were invited to create a name and a package for the new brand, we did not know the story that awaited us behind the product. The wine originates from Însurăţei in Braila area, the largest organic vineyard in Romania (246 ha).

The story upon which the Hereditas brand is based is closely linked to the origin of the product. By visiting the vineyard and talking with the locals, we learned that the bustard is representative of the city and of the community there. We thus chose it as the key visual element for the label, since it was an element that belonged to the place, and one with which the people could identify. The fact that the bustard is a special, majestic bird further supported the brand positioning within the premium wine category.

We expressed the story through the name as well, a dictionary Latin word: hereditas = inheritance. Hereditas is about living in harmony with nature and also about leaving behind a balanced natural environment. When nature is protected, it is in return generous with us and gives birth to new and unique things, such as the bustard or the Hereditas wine.


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Naming, design de ambalaj


  • Articulation of an authentic brand story, inspired by the origin of the product
  • Expression of brand story through the name and the packaging design 
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