When you take on a mission, your brand aligns itself and helps you popularize it

"We have worked extremely well with BrandFusion. They managed to extract the essence of what we stand for, because they understood our cause and its essential issues for us, given that we are an NGO. We've always felt BrandFusion as part of " the intervention team", the one who is constantly getting ready to act in order to conserve wildlife and their habitat. Collaborating with them has given us a strong voice in our struggle for the protection of wildlife in Romania.

- Ioana Tetelea, ACDB


ACDB is an NGO with extensive expertise in the conservation and protection of large mammals, nationally and internationally recognized by experts in the field for its expertise and know-how. However, all these were not replicated among the interested stakeholders, the ones that could support the organization with donations or active involvement. The organization hadn’t taken on a visible mission nor did it communicate coherently and consistently with its stakeholders. 
The ACDB rebranding process has helped them to position themselves and to be visible nationally for what they truly stand for.

The brand audit has revealed the most important feature of the organization: their involvement "at grassroots level". ACDB people want to produce change through specific actions, by protecting large mammals and their habitat : from the injured animal care centers, to monitoring and putting in custody protected areas. Their slogan, "Action for Wildlife" clearly defines their positioning as an dynamic NGO.

The organization’s identity talks about the interdependence between fauna – the environment and also captures all ACDB’s action areas : from direct intervention for mammals’ saving to protecting their living environment. 
The creative concept goes one step further through style imaging and graphical forms, managing to communicate in a fresh, relevant and differentiated manner within the category. Beside the brand identity, BrandFusion was in charge with the new website implementation - a modern, visual and responsive website that offers quick information regarding the protected species and the NGO's projects.





Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Slogan, Communication Concept, Website Development


  • Taking on a differentiating positioning (mission) within the category
  • Positioning expression at the visual identity level
  • A modern identity & website for an NGO with national impact
  • Concept of communication that would ensure coherence
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